Thursday, September 3, 2015

Making Rockets {our non-schooling science lesson for the week}

As some of you might know we've recently started our proper home schooling journey.  Sonja is almost 5 and super smart, I knew dropping her into kindergarten next year would be a huge mistake and I wanted to have her ready for, hopefully, first grade.  She'll have to test in because of her birthday but seriously, if she waits another year to start kindergarten she's going to end up burning my house down trying to invent a new chemical compound, she gets SO bored just being at home, I am on constant entertainment mode.  As a certified teacher I know the state standards are, sadly, low and I can easily reach them within the course of the year, even with my more non-schooling approach.  However, I'm not very science-y I mean I'm into biology and botany but that's where the interest dwindles. So I thought I'd look up some kits for projects that we could do and kind of create a fun experience for getting a special package in the mail.  I found kiwi crate and was super interested in their stuff {no, this isn't one of my partners or a sponsored post, I just want to share what we're up to} I found their toddler kits to be a little less than impressive, I thought I could find science projects but turns out those are for the older kids, but like I said, she's smart, and bored. I ended up getting the older 8-14 year old kit {tinker crate} because I NEEDED something more engaging.  I also ordered this little rocket kit, want to see how that went over?  Good! Because, that's what I'm going to show you...
Came home to find this on our door step, I didn't tell the girls about the package but they were super interested in it from the start {mommy's mail doesn't come in a cool color with a handle! must be special}
When we opened it up I showed them the contents and directions.
my chocolate chip faced 2 year old was pretty much just interested in the straw.
but my older 4 year old picked out her color and was excited to put the tape in the correct place.
she patiently waited while I showed her how to roll up her paper.
 and then helped me seal it shut.
after adding her ribbon and embelishments, she was ready for take off. 
we even counted down, 3, 2, 1, ... B L A S T   O F F !

I should probably show them a movie of a rocket launching {she's seen it before but might be cool to explain how this mimics that} anyway, if you have any resources or links for science projects and fun non-schooling activities, share them in the comments below! 

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