Monday, October 5, 2015

Nate and Zoe's Wedding {Tucson, AZ}

If you know should know anything about be, it should be the fact that I will go to any wedding any where.  If I'm invited, I'm going. I love weddings.  I love celebrating happy couples, but also any chance I get to go to a party and there's cake, I'm going.  Anyway, recently we were invited to a friend's wedding in Tucson, so I reserved a room on Expedia as soon as we got the save the date. {I had 8000+ reward points and ended up only paying $58 plus resort fee}. We were able to check in early and get ready in time to get to the wedding in time to sign in and say hi to a few of our favorite friends.  It was a beautiful ceremony and reception so instead of talking about it I'll just show you...
The ceremony and reception took place at Kingan Gardens in Tucson.
Love having this guy as my date to all the weddings in our lifetime.
Their fingerprint leaf tree was beautiful and matched their natural wedding ambiance perfectly.
The ceremony took place at just about sunset and their bar was open BEFORE the ceremony. Future brides take note.
The tables and center peices were beautiful and all the handwritten details were my favorite.
of course Vera just loved all the flowers.
These little party girls.
and look we even got a decent family photo.
our friends getting their little Flower Girl all set up.
and then the actual ceremony. {Vera wouldn't put down her pink lemonade}
Seriously, so beautiful.
This was my first marine wedding and the bridal party entered under crossed swords.
this is always my favorite moment at weddings, the first time the bride and groom look into each other's eyes at the alter. 
a flower girl and her grandma.
A super sweet part of the ceremony was the "warming of the rings" they passed the rings around in a box for everyone to say a prayer or bless with love.  I love ceremonies that include the guests, and I love the idea of sending love and happy marriage thoughts into the rings.  They'll remember the love of their family and friends throughout their marriage.
After the ceremony we grabbed our drinks and our seats, and got the girls some appetizers.  Also huge, if you're going to take bridal party photos after the ceremony make sure to have a cocktail hour with drinks and food for your guests.  This bride everything planned perfectly.
Loved their desert table.
and each centerpiece was unique with handmade accents and natural themes.  Also not only did each mug have a handwritten chalkboard label and name, the bride actually hand etched a custom designed logo as a keepsake from their wedding.
while everyone else was taking pictures the ring bearer and Sonja ran circles around each other.
and played all night long.
all those homemade cupcakes all lit up.
Ladies man.
they were too sweet to each other, neither one wanted to smash the other.
and of course and soon as they got the go ahead the kids stormed the table,
The kids having so much fun dancing.
Thanks for having us Nate and Zoe, we loved being a part of your day.

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