Friday, October 2, 2015

Kürbis, Pumpkin, Festival {a guest post by Brittany Lind}

You guys, my sister has been in Switzerland for almost 4 months now, and recently she took a day trip to Stuttgart I can not even explain how jealous I am of the pumpkin {and oktoberfest} festival she attended! But you know the saying if you can't beat em, join em? I decided since I can't blog about being there, she can. So today, is a guest post from my sister Brittany all the way from Germany {or Switzerland} or wherever her European wonderlust heart has her today....

Hello from afar!

Jenn's sister here wishing everyone a happy fall from Switzerland!

This year I had the fortunate opportunity to be in Western European this year, Luzern, Switzerland to be exact. Of course there were pros and cons to this (Okay, mostly pros but whatever).
Pro: Seasons! Coming from Phoenix there's about two seasons that I regularly go through and a real autumn isn't quite the same experience there as it is here. Con: I was really missing the annual pumpkin craze that happens in the states this time of year. When it comes to pumpkins I turn into the most basic bitch.

However, this year I got to have my cake AND eat it too!

A friend of mine is going to school at a university in Stuttgart, Germany. So, I decided to pay her a visit for the weekend. Turns out it was the best weekend to go as there was a huge pumpkin festival with the biggest brew of pumpkin soup in Germany!

We also did a quick stop for lunch at the Oktoberfest in Stuttgart. 
Entrance: FREE

 It was sort of like a giant fair but better (and more) food. Giant "tents" for music and drinking. Although, you could buy beer and other drinks out of the tents as well. All good and drinks very reasonable priced. Even including the conversion rate back to US dollars.

Curry wurst 
Inside the tent with a live band. 
Kürbis (Pumpkin) festival:
Entrance: €4.50 for students and €8.00 for adults
*PRO TIP: never forget your student ID card when traveling!*
Location: Blühenden Barock (Baroque in Bloom) Ludwigsburg. Residential Palace.
Basically, the best pumpkin festival I have EVER been to. With the best pumpkin themed food. This particular weekend there was the largest pumpkin soup in Germany. As if that wasn't good enough they are donating .50 cents per bowl to Helferherz, an organization in Ludwigsberg, Germany. If the entire pot is finished they'll donate €1.00 per bowl! Just saying, it was 2,000 servings.

I think it's best to let the photos do the talking for this one...

Little market on the way to the castle grounds.
pumpkin sculptures 
So many pumpkins sculptures!
There are 400,000 pumpkins in artistic display across the grounds. And even more guiding all the paths!
Kürbis Suppe
Pumpkin soup and strudel.
AND Pumpkin Prosecco! All delicious. Again all good and drink very reasonable priced.

Unfortunately, I had to rush out quickly after eating because I had to catch my ride back to Switzerland. BUT there was even more than the pumpkins to see. There's botanical gardens on sight as well. Admission was totally worth it. Just make sure you plan for more time. Well. For next year. I hear its annual. ;)

Hope you are all enjoying as many pumpkins as I am!



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