Thursday, December 17, 2015

Jackalope Arts Festival {December 2015}

This last weekend was my biggest event of the year, Jackalope Arts Festival at Steele Indian School Park. 
There were so many talented vendors {over 200 actually}  Love these cacti plates from Paige Poppe.
And because this is MY blog I won't feel bad at sharing images of my booth as well. 
Hand cut and sewn leggings and some silk screened shirts I made.
Along with my mer-people works in progress.  They're actually so close to being done now I'm kind of scared to finish them! 
Swisstopher Robin had amazing reclaimed hand painted wood signs and beautiful stationary.  Along with their winter is coming greeting cards! 
My booth mates, Rainbow Bliss Botanicals, north of me had the best smelling botanical blends.  
And Pizza charms from Simon says Macy.  adorbs. 
definitely picked up a little succulent sculpture for my desk.  Studio spaces need inspiration y'all. 
Be You Jewelry really is amAZing! She hammers each of these letters by hand and her charms are adorable.  Excited to order a necklace ASAP! 
Couldn't forget Savannah Ashley with her globes and skulls.  Love her shabby chic skulls and hand painted globes, don't you?!
and those dream catchers though.  Some how she's able to combine old west with modern chic and I love how the two collide. 
Last but not least a look at Mayware ceramics, those matte black mugs have a future in my life, and hi could they have a cuter display with this farmhouse table and bench chairs, just pack the whole thing up and display it at my house okay? thanks.

Did you make it out to Jackalope Art Festival? If not that's cool they'll be back in April and I already submitted an application, wish me luck.  Just kidding. I know what I'm doing, I don't need luck, I've got hustle. {but, seriously, luck and posi vibes are always welcome}.  

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