Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Family Gift Guides

NeedWantReadWear, Eat!
Husband needs new shoes, so I chose these ben sherman shoes. I know he want's some more barware and copper is my favorite this season. This Taco Tuesday shirt from Etsy is pretty funny and I like to think he's wear it.  He reads all the time, but I think this survivalist book is one he hasn't see yet and of course we always get each other tickets to devoured so we can enjoy the event in March {tickets are on sale now!}.

NeedWantReadWear, Eat!
Hard to pick out my own gifts but if I had to, I think I'd start here, I just got a new camera and that means I need a new camera strap! I would love to rock some new moon earrings.  I would wear these hunter boots everyday it rains and I'd love to practice more lettering with the help of this book.  And of course I want tickets to devour and I'm sure the Phoenix mom in your life does too! 

Need, WantRead, Wear, Eat!
For the kids I bought these rose gold hard sole moccs for my older daughter because she always needs new shoes, she's constantly out growing or losing a pair.  I know she wants some new games and I love handmade non plastic toys so these bowling pins would be perfect.  I love everything from Miss Veronica Jean and I know she would wear all the jumpers!  I'm surprising her with a kindle fire because she watches too much tv and I want her to have something she can read books on and learning games, instead of just sneaking the tv or my iphone. Her new favorite restraurant is Flower Child so I'm going to get a gift card for her so she can "pay" when we go next time.

It's harder to pick out gifts for boys since I have girls but I think these blue gray hard sole moccs for  are perfect for a boy. And I know boys want new games and here's another handmade non plastic toy.  I had a hard time finding anything local boy fashion wise so I picked this long sleeve tee from Zara!  I'd still suggest this kindle fire because boys like books and learning games too.  And I think gift cards are perfect for kids to buy their own food at their favorite places.  

Those are my simple gift guides for the family! What are your favorite gifts for older kids? and how to you minimalist gift?

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