Thursday, December 24, 2015

Winter Solstice 2015

This past week we celebrated Winter Solstice.  My oldest daughter demanded that we have a feast, so I planned a little gathering with a friend of hers and a couple other family and friend who were going to be out of town on Christmas Eve and Christmas so we could have a mini celebration with them.
I made this Yulled Wine.
And found my favorite {sweet} marinated olives with blanched almonds at whole foods.
They also had marinated mozzarella perfect for my caprese plate.
after simmering for several hours my witch's brew was ready to drink.
Sonja requested VERY SPECIFICALLY a mint and cherry salad. I don't know what she thought that would be like but I added raspberries and my friend made pink whipped cream for her to add variety. I don't normally allow her to have maraschino cherries, but I found these dye free ones and splurged, worth it! 
My friend Cameron made white chocolate dipped cookies and these peanut butter cup squares. 
Grandma stopped by to help the girls decorate their Yule trees. 
Vera was very precises about her marshmallow placement.
and Sonja snuck a few toppings before finishing her tree.
My friend, Stephanie, saged and cleansed my house, no more negative energy welcome here. 
My nephew and his aunt Halle hanging out inside while we prepped the fire. 
Husband had his work cut out for him copping our yule log a bit {traditional yule logs should burn for the entire longest night, but we weren't planning on staying up all night to watch it burn safely so we did a mini fire}.
And because husband likes to be extreme in all things. 
The kids played outside while we all wrote down our releasing thoughts.
Everyone wrote down something they were letting go of, and added it to our pine cone. 
Sonja insisted on being the one to throw it into the flames. 
And just like that we said goodbye to the last year and anything not serving ourselves or our families, and welcomed in a fresh start.  

What do you celebrate during the holiday season?  Do you have any special traditions to honor the shortest day, or the longest night of the year?  I'd love to hear more ideas to add to our holiday traditions.  Hope you all had a wonderful Winter Solstice and am looking to a fresh start this New Near.

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