Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas with the Schutskys 2015

Hope everyone had a wonderful time celebrating the holidays {if you do that sort of thing} and wanted to share a quick peek at our Christmas tradition.
On Christmas eve, we do dinner at Husband's Nonnie's {that's grandmother in Italian, or rather grand parents, which is actually more accurate since she's raised four kids on her own} house. It's an Italian tradition to have pasta and fish so we do that whole thing and open gifts with Husband's side of the family.
You know the kids couldn't be more excited about opening presents, so the whole night is spent trying to keep them calm until we actually finish dinner and open gifts.
Vera literally finished these candy coated chocolate candies in like 5 minutes, the whole tube of a candy cane gone.
and look at that even the big kids like opening their presents.
and the newest Schutsky opening his gifts too.
but maybe Nonno {grandpa} doesn't like gifts all that much.  j/k Husband was probably saying something sarcastic in the background.
Nonnie's love photos of their great grand babies for Chirstmas, if you needed gift ideas.
Look Husband and I even got a photo together. {and Matt and Emily on the right}
Awe look at all that Christmas plaid.  Once the kids crash we head home, drink some glühwein and watch Rare Exports. 
The kids were so tired this year I had to wake them up, Vera kept yawning and Sonja had morning sass. {Christmas pajamas complements of aunt gretchen from gap kids}
Stocking were stuffed and opened! Vera hung on to hers for dear life.
Sonja's favorite gift were these cool new gold shoes.
A girl and her "nacks" {anyone else's kids wake up early in the morning and ask for snacks instead of breakfast? yeah, that's what I thought, just mine}
Oh wait, I forgot this was her favorite gift.  Kindle Fire to read more books!
And after presents is breakfast!
Fresh squeezed oranges from our tree {even though they actually taste like lemons, anyone know what's up with that?}
And Husband made Christmas Crêpes
Then, we had some mimosas.
Pretty much my favorite breakfast of the year!
And that's how the Schutskys celebrate Christmas!  

Do you celebrate? what kind of traditions do you have for yourself and your family?

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