Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Henna Practice Party {an update on my new favorite creative outlet}

When I was pregnant I had a local henna artist paint my whole belly and it was amazing, ever since then, I've been itching to try it for myself,but I was a little scared, I knew I needed good paste, not toxic and I wasn't sure how to make it myself or where to start.  With everything else in my life I sort of ignored that desire and went about my life.  Then on my 30th birthday another friend came to my party to do henna on myself and my guests.  That desire was back but I still didn't know how to get my hands on some good paste.  My friend Diane gifted me an unopened cone so I could do a piece on my sister.  It was from Mehindika Joey Henna and at the time she was in the UK but she's back in Vegas now shipping out small handmade batches so I ordered 5 cones to start and hosted a tiny henna party where my friends and family contributed $5 to help finance the purchase of more henna and allowed me to practice on them.
This was the first piece of the day and the most intricate piece I've replicated so far {my friend brought the image from pinterest and I don't know the original artist}
Her friend picked something a little simpler which was much more in my skill range. 
and my sister-in-law's might have turned out the best {technique wise} from the afternoon. 
practice paisly, and I also did a flower on my daughters and anther little girl, lavender henna is suggested for pregnant and nursing women and children {which is what I ordered and it smells amazing!}. 
practiced some more flowers inspired by Mehindka Joey Henna. 
more flowers and leaves and a little modified design from this book I ordered.
and after the paste dries and flakes off {don't wash it off} you end up with this bright orange stain, in the next day or two it will get darker and darker if she avoids water. I think most of my designs have usually lasted about a week or two with this paste and I love that I can just redraw and doodle something new.  

What is your creative outlet? Where do you find  your resources and inspiration?

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