Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Tinker Crate {a Non-Schooling Update}

 I might have mentioned a while ago that I ordered a year of tinker crates 
We'll I knew I was going to be home schooling / non - schooling Sonja for kindergarten this year, and honestly these past two months haven't really allowed for that, but by having a kit that shows up, we at least get those projects done.  I actually signed up for the 9-16 year old  tinker crates because I thought she would be able to do the projects, and I wasn't wrong.  I mean she needs some help but mostly she does the work. 
Vera often watches, and sometimes there are opportunities for her to help too.
My five year old assembled this batter pack and motor.
She now knows how to install batteries. 
Positive and negative charges. 
Vera helped with the Velcro, after I cut the pieces.
The girls installed the markers.
Sonja checked the plans and was ready to try it. 
It was a little scary when the clay flung off and loud, but after some trouble shooting we got it going. 
And her draw bot was drawing! 
Seriously, look how excited they are about their project!
Once we got the clay adjusted we were able to control the shapes a little bit more.  Isn't this giant drawing impressive for a robot? 

How do you get your kids involved in projects? What are some of your favorite tutorials or projects for engineering or science experiments? 

If you're interested in signing up, here's a $10 coupon code, just click here or on the image. 

*This post was not sponsored but does contain affiliate links to products I think are awesome!

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