Thursday, January 7, 2016

Let's Go {Snow in Flagstaff}

When your sister-in-law mentions there's snow in Flagstaff, and you promised yourself you'd take the weekend to rest, you suck it up and go anyway.  I actually really have been trying to schedule in rest time, but I knew I could relax in the car and that it would be beautiful so I agreed to go.  Traffic was a nightmare just north of Phoenix, but eventually regulated and we made great time.  It took us maybe 3 hours to get there. Here's a look at our turnaround trip.
Driving into Flagstaff we finally started to see some snow on the ground.

and then in the city, the roads were clear, but sidewalks were still dusted with snow.
I wanted to stay at this Hotel Monte Vista but it was full, next time I'll try to plan ahead!
Sonja was not stoked on the wind and weather but she will always take a photo with a world rally blue WRX.
It was violently cold, and there was ice and sharp wind.  We didn't spend much time outside, but we did take a few quick photos while Husband ordered our food. {from Diablo Burger}
after lunch we drove over to a small snow play area.
but it was really cold.
like way too cold. Vera was shaking even in all her layers and Sonja was ready to run back to the car.
Took a quick family photo then rushed our almost hypothermic children back into the car with full heat.
It was pretty.
but as you can see it was even too cold for Husband and baby A wouldn't even look at me to get a photo of his first time in the snow.
my Brother in Law on the other hand felt the need to show off his manliness and strip down to his tank top and sprint around.
and then put his jacket back on for some snow angles,
the snow was stone cold and didn't budge.
and here's an artsy dried flower photo for you.
oh and actually I am kind of awesome, because this is bakasana pose with bare hands on the snow. 
So much happier in the car!
and back to Phoenix we went.
but you guys the sunset on the drive home.  That was worth the drive in itself.

Next up!  The Grand Canyon, I've never been. EVER. and I've lived in Arizona all thirty years of my life.  Any suggestions or advice, we're going the end of January so it will be COLD but I'm excited!  I'm really trying to stick with my new year's goals of more getaways with the family, at least one a month.  Anywhere you think I should check out in Arizona?  Do you share family adventures, I'd love to read about them.  Tell me in the comments below! 


  1. North Rim, not South, trust me, you won't get the true feel of the canyon at the south. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the south for how clean they are and their grocery store is top notch, but it's too crowded and too bare, and just not as magical as the north. Granted can't go up there till after May, and it takes some serious planning to camp in the camp, but it's worth it.

    1. Thanks for the info! I've got this trip planned already but next time the North rim sounds perfect!