Friday, February 19, 2016

Henna Update.

Thought I'd take a moment and journal my progress on my henna adventure and share some sources of inspiration and knowledge if you're into that kind of thing...
so as far as updates go, I've been practicing. 
A lot.  I've been trying to use up cones that have thawed from after one of my henna parties.  Or to just see how much surface area one cone will cover.  Hint hint. It's a lot.  I did my whole leg pictured with one cone.  I was doing designs nightly and actually running out of skin.  Right now I've still got ghost stains from the image to the left, even though this was probably close to two weeks ago.

I'm still learning. Obviously. and I'm finding the whole process very liberating.  I've never been one who can just doodle.  As a teacher I'm a stickler for reference images, anything that's similar to what's in your head, printed and accessible so you can compare and see what it should look like. Henna isn't the kind of thing you need a reference for.  Of course it doesn't hurt to have a reference, which I'll talk about below, but it's something you can start with an idea and add as much or as little detail though designs as you'd like. And once you have some basic concepts down you can get pretty creative, lines, swirls dots and repetition are key.  I also recently practiced on my own stomach which is no easy task, but I wanted a design on my stomach so I checked to see if I could do it myself.  I couldn't do exactly what I wanted but I was able to get pretty detailed and am super excied to be able to use this new skill when we travel this summer and go to hawaii.
I actually even added another flower center and on the top.  

Anyway, back to references and inspiration.  I wanted to share a few new instagram profiles I've found that I think are beautiful and interesting.  If you saw my last post you know I use cones from @mehdikajoeyhenna and she's always posting tutorials and demos.  My friend Anna tagged me in an image on @indianweddingbuzz and you can see to your right why.  The bridal henna for Indian women is so intricate and the symmetry is something I'm intimidated by but totally fascinated with at the same time.  Another aspect of henna I'm trying to master is the lattice design featured on the fingers and wrists of this bride.  

The other instagram account I've recently been following along is @sarahennaseattle.  In the image to the left I'm inspired by the placement and cleanliness of the line work.  My lines don't currently flow as cleanly or as evenly as the instagram accounts I'm talking about.  I know that's both a fine motor skill I need to develop and muscle memory from practicing the same strokes so many times.  I like the variety in lines on this piece as well and the subtle touch of the smaller leaves on each finger. 

And finally, @alchemyhenna is another great inspiration for me, not only is her henna beautiful but she also has an apothecary using oils and herbs, which you know I love and appreciate.
Oh! and not to mention her own handmade vardo {gypsy wagon!} Which totally has be thinking about my goals and what I want to create.
Anyway, here's a look at my most current work on a friend, which goes up most of her lower arm.  And of course this is the messier end since it was the end of a cone before opening a new one.  Anyone know how to prevent clumping at the end of a cone's life, I feel like I always end up with just a bit more crust tip when I'm finishing up a cone, but at the same time I don't want to waste a drop. Happy Creating friends.

Who and what are you currently inspired by?

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