Thursday, February 18, 2016

Let's Go! {Tucson, AZ}

Last weekend we headed down to Tucson to visit one of my best friends.  We met in college at the Univeristy of Arizona, and you might have seen her on the blog before, but she lives in Denver, so I don't get to see her all that often anymore.  Whenever she's in town or nearby I make an effort to meet up.  She was in Tucson with family so Husband and I took the weekend to ourselves and headed down to see her. 
This is the first road trip we've had without the kids and we don't plan on making a habit out of it.  I'm a huge advocate for traveling with kids, so they can create memories and experience new places, but I have to admit it was nice to just have our time together in the car and a little over l 24 hours together, it was refreshing. 
Our first stop for food was at a place I found on yelp, The Parish. It was classified as a gastropub and southern food.  So I had to try it. 
They had a great selection of drinks and their infusions list was inspiring, definitely need to get back into the habit of making my own elixirs.
I already shared a few images on instagram from our dining experience, but thought you'd like to see it here too.  These Hush Puppies were delicious.
I had a great eggplant "burger" but husband got the real deal. 
It even had pomegranate ketchup on it. So that's a thing.
And for a later dinner we headed to the Blue Willow to meet up with Alex.  I asked husband to order the tostada because I thought it would be a small plate and I was still full from our late lunch, but opps it's huge and also delicious! avocado was extra but who cares.  worth it.
The next morning {valentine's day if you celebrate, which we usually don't} we met Alex and her mom for a hike at the Sabino Canyon National Park and Trail Head.  Once again we forgot that our access pass was in my car, which we left with the kids.  We ended up paying a whole $5 to get into the park, but if you have an access pass, bring it and buy yourself a latte instead!
testing out my new digital camera.  It's just a lens that attaches to your phone via wifi, which is great for hikes because my other camera was too bulky, still not sure if I could have upgraded a phone for a better camera but I'll write a full review on that later. 
Wandered down to a stream and jumped over some rocks for fun. 
Couldn't get back to the tiny rock without some help.  good thing I've got this guy by my side on our adventures. 
Saguaro Skeletons.
gorgeous clear sky and cool breezes. 
Love when you find boulders resting ever so delicately on each other.
and we made a little friend on our way back to the parking lot.
Best friends are worth the drive you guys.

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