Monday, February 8, 2016

McSchutsgee Pub {a sneak peek at our most recent home project}

Why, yes!
That is exactly what it looks like.  

My couch...

in a window. 

I fell in love with this couch at Junk in the Trunk and knew I needed it, sadly my wallet disagreed.  I went home and cried about it.  Okay, obviously,not really but I definitely kept thinking about it.  So when the vendor mentioned she still had it, I made and offer and she accepted!  We got the couch home and it didn't fit in our hallway.  


We cut out a window.  

Literally.  We had to cut out the middle bar of our window.  It's fine, the window was already broken so we just cut it out completely and then put it back in.  Probably not an option if you don't want to replace the whole window, but it worked for us.  Thankfully.

And, I went treasure hunting at Zinnias with Husband while they were having an epic sale and got both of these items half off.  
These chairs are actually made from barrels similar to the ones I saw at the Jameson distillery in Ireland, and this hutch turned bar, has harps and Irish type carvings also inspired from the much more decadent bar I saw in Waterford Castle in Ireland.
Husband did all the actual work, prepping the mount for the TV. and such.  That's right after being TV free for over 5 years, we finally picked a netflix worthy flat screen. 
Stephanie joined me for a celebratory toast once we got the couch in. 
and I decided on a dark green paint and am slowly searching for relevant images to hang up.
Vera loves this room too, she's always trying to sneak in and watch tv and eat snacks on our couch, but we're trying to keep this room kid free {we're not jerks, they're allowed and welcome everywhere, but like it would be nice to have one room without worrying you're going to sit on a lego, plus there is nothing but TV and booze in the room so probs not the best place to leave kids alone}.  Anyway, we left the floor this exposed concrete because it's this beautiful rust red color, we did not seal, stain or paint this floor.  We actually still need to break up the tile in the remaining rooms and get rid of the outdated peach tile and dirty grout but one thing at a time, you know?
The wall above the couch is still looking for a painting, antique sign, or gold mirror, so if you have suggestions leave them in the comments! I promise I didn't hang a tiny canvas print of us to leave there forever.  There was just already a nail there from before and I didn't want to add any new ones while we wait to decide where to place all the artwork. stop judging me.
 We had a 'soft' opening a couple months back and while I still have a few touches left to add, we are really enjoying this corner of our home.  Of course, I feel like the rooms in my house are always a work in progress but this one is as done as it's going to get for a while. 
So, until then, cheers.

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