Wednesday, March 9, 2016

North Phoenix Moms Blog Meet Up and some Local Love.

As many of my readers know I've started contributing to the North Phoenix Moms Blog, it's a local blog full of local information on places to see and things to do with kids, along with heartfelt stories from moms, crafts for kids and so much more.  This past weekend we had a gathering of the current contributors at Chestnut, a local restaurant I'm embarrassed to admit I hadn't been to yet.  
The food was wonderful and the salad dressing was drinkable.  We enjoyed some Mama's Cold Brew and were gifted these adorable mugs with custom watercolor design from this etsy shop. from North Phoenix Moms Blog owner and editor Stacey Woodward and team. {printed via tinyprints}
But, I think my favorite part of the event was when Be You Jewelry taught us all how to stamp our own charms for a custom necklace.
You know I love making things and found the hammering to be therapeutic.  While I have enough to keep me busy these days, I could definitely see myself getting sucked into jewelry making.  It's so fun to make something wearable and unique.
It was also fun to see the other contributors learn a new technique and see what they chose to put on their pieces, from kids initials to special dates.
I made one to commemorate this blog and where my adventure as a stay at home mom and artist blossomed, for those that don't know the story hawks and honey is inspired by the nicknames and power animals of my daughters, Sonja Chetan {a Native American word for hawk spirit, because of the hawks circling our home the week of her [home] birth} and honey in honor of the bees that populated and pollinated my garden the spring of Vera Basil's arrival.

Such a busy and fun weekend, I'm so happy I was able to include this event into my chaotic schedule!  How do you create time for things you care about? Who is your tribe? How do you connect with others in your community? I'd love to hear more stories of gathering, you know I'm always looking for more inspiring stories of community.

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