Monday, April 4, 2016

Weaving Workshop with Sonora Handmade {quick recap.}

Had the pleasure of joining in on the weaving workshop taught by Jennifer of Sonora Handmade.  Isn't the space styled perfectly? Definitely one of the prettiest workshops I've ever attended, probably thanks to Carte Blanche Design her floral masterpieces are stunning! And no we weren't drinking beer (not that I would have complained!) that's cold brew from Desert Owl Coffee.  We got to take everything home in these simple and clean designed (by vonn lou designs) bags made by Freed Hands. 
While setting up, I took a minute to walk around the urbAna shop and I MUST GO BACK for these flasks! 
There was quite the selection of yarn textures and colors to choose from!
While everyone else was busy picking out their colors, I was busy building a wish list of goodies, like these gemstone rings, gimme. 
Settled on colors inspired by an Arizona sunset and the Hawaiian Ocean.
After some effort, actually a lot more effort than I was expecting, we got our looms warped.  This warping thread process was confusing, but don't worry, I powered though and got my zigzag on! And I finally got a loom! These beauties were handmade by Wood Creek Looms. 
We started with a Sumatra top stitch.
And there was sparkling wine, which of course meant a stress free, liberating, creative space. 
I knew I wanted to break up my colors and create an organic flowing piece, this is the start of that approach. 
My neighbor, Katie, also had a beautiful color scheme and did an awesome job starting off her piece. 
It was a short workshop only about 2 hours, so everyone worked as quickly as they could, but I don't think anyone finished completely. 
I got about this far on mine, and pretty close to finishing at home, follow along on my instagram @jenniferlindschutsky to see it when I do complete it! 

What do you think?  Does the blue look like a wave (the correct answer is yes)!

What are your favorite creative outlets? Who are your favorite weavers? I want to learn all the things! Know of any youtube weaving channels? Help keep me inspired!

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