Tuesday, May 10, 2016

D.I.Y. Whipped Body Butter

Took some much needed time for self care and literally whipped up this body butter!  I love the texture of body butter, even though husband says it's greasy, I think it's the best feeling slathering up after a bath and before bed.  My skin feels ultra hydrated and with the perfect blend of essential oils, a totally relaxing experience.  Here's how I make my body butter...
You'll Need:
1 cup Cocoa Butter {I get wafers because they melt faster but these organic ones are good too.}
and a few drops of essential oils

FOR SUNSCREEN: I add Non Nano Zinc Oxide (I add until thick paste) and Frankincense and Helichrysum essentail oils  for cellular support.

{I'm very picky about the brands of oils I use on my skin, if you want to know why or which brands I use contact me here}.
Start by heading hard ingredients in a metal bowl over boiling water, a d.i.y. double broiler, or if you actually have a double broiler use that.
Fractionated Coconut Oil is the fraction or portion of coconut oil that is liquid at cool and room temperature.
Once everything has heated though, {just waiting on the bees wax above}, remove from heat and allow to cool for several hours.  YES COOL FOR SEVERAL HOURS. I usually make mine at night and let it cool overnight.  Then, in the morning when I'm ready to actually watch it whip, I set into the freezer for about 10-15 minutes, don't let it freeze through just until you see it sort of harden over on the top, then place in freestanding mixer and start whipping, start slow then gradually increase speed. 
After several minutes, the mixture should start thickening and lightening up, after several more minutes soft peaks should begin to form.  That's when  you're done. when it looks like whipped cream.  If you aren't getting any thickness or whipped effect it could be that the butter is not cold enough or you might need to add more bees wax. if that's the case you'll need to melt the wax, add it and then allow to cool again and put back in freezer.  It's a little bit of a learning curve but just keep playing with it until you get the thickness and texture of whipped butter you like.  Good Luck!
This batch makes a lot so make sure to have about a dozen small jars or a few bigger ones to store your body butter, you can add essential oils to the small jars or as you use the body butter.

Happy  Whipping!

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