Monday, May 23, 2016

Let's Go! {Fossil Creek}

 This past weekend we explored Fossil Creek near Strawberry, Arizona.  It's a small creek that was once damed and now flowing.  It's a popular spot and you need to book a permit just to drive in, which I'm actually very happy someone is regulating the amount of visitors and trash to this beautiful area.  There are several parking lots and it's a very bumpy road to get to them.  Here's how we spent the day...
 First of all the parking lots are not up on the creek they're anywhere form a 1/4 to 1 mile hike in to actually get to the water. This is good because it forces people to only carry in what they really need and hopefully carry it out!
 my desert princess wanted to keep her power stick but when we left we reminded her that this is it's home and it needs to stay here.
We got down to the water after some slipping and sliding on the sandy stones, but the water was clear and beautiful, and we all got right in. 
 after a beer of course.
 we found a cliff without any one else nearby and wandered up to our own little viewing deck.
This portion of the creek was a great height for our small kids to play in the water without getting too deep.
"Is this recording?"
 Lots of homemade sun block and hats for us!
 we had a wonderful time and can't wait to get back!

So, technically we didn't camp but I'm still going to summarize it with my usual campsite review...

Here's some details about the campsite {1 being worst, 10 being best}:
Location {and Distance}: 6
Located about an hour away from Phoenix, completely paved and barely outside of Camp Verde.
Road: 4
The road to the campsite is a dirt road with lots of bumps and close to the edge at times, not fun for anyone who gets car sick.
Secluded: 7
Thanks to the permit system in place we felt like the creek was secluded enough to not be bothered by anyone else {except for a few people who showed up for a few minutes and then wondered along} it helped that our large group practically booked out the entire parking lot.
View: 8.5
It's a beautiful sight to have the high desert and water, I mean you saw the photos.
Bathrooms: 1
behind a tree isn't really a bathroom but it's about as close as you get out here.  There was a port o potty in the parking lot.
Campsite Fixtures: NA
Not a campsite so no fire pits nor tables.
Trash, Water and Food: 1
Only bring in what you can bring out, there are no trash receptacles nearby.
Animals: 4
Swimming with fishies and hawks flying overhead.
Pets: Yes
Pets were allowed on a leash at this site.
Group Accommodation:5 people max per car.
there are only 5 people allowed on a permit and you may only get 6 permits per person per season.
Water {lakes, ponds, and oceans}: 9
The creek was 1/4 mile down a trail and clear water some spots deep enough for jumping and other areas just to our shins.
Well Drained: NA
Technically a tent could be placed up in the elevated area, but not permitted.
Firewood: 0
No fires allowed in permit wilderness area.
Management: National Forest Services
This creek was beautiful and you can tell the rangers are doing their best to keep it clean.
Reservations: 10
must make reservations on just to park, no camping permitted.

Cost and Permits: $6 per car, only 6 permitted allowed per person per year.



  1. Great timing for me to find this post! I'm looking for fun spots to visit this summer with the kids. This fits the bill!

    1. Thanks for reading Nicole. make sure to reserve your parking permit ASAP! They fill up quick!