Monday, July 25, 2016

Barcelona {Day 5; Donuts, La Sagrada Familia, Paella}

I don't know about you but when I find a small local owned restaurant or bakery on the internet in my destination city I make an effort to get there while visiting.  So on our fifth day in Spain I made sure to start at la donuteria a small artisan donut shop in Barcelona.
The girls loved these giant baking tools and were so excited to try their donuts!
I''ll be sharing more about la donuteria and my favorite Spanish restaurants over at Bitches Food Club in a couple of weeks so follow along there for all the food posts!
after our sweet snacks Husband wanted to check out La Sagrada Familia...
as impressive as ever. Too bad I forgot that tickets are a nightmare and I should have bought them online the night before, hopefully next time I refresh my memory by rereading these old blog posts.  After waiting in line for almost an hour I got our entry tickets for the afternoon admission.  There are literally no words, so here are some images...
And of course after we explored as much as we could, the girls started getting hungry and I realized I never had my vegetarian Paella so we went back to our favorite bar.
The sun was something fierce so Vera rocked my shades while we waited for tapas and sangria.
after the Gothic Quarter we rushed to the beach to get one last look at the Mediterranean before sunset.
until we meet again, we'll miss you sweet sea.

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