Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Barcelona to Paris {Days 6 & 7; Trains, Lavender and the Louvre}

On our last morning in Barcelona we stopped at our favorite neighborhood cafe; Petit a Petit Cafe.  We knew we had a long train ride ahead of us so we made sure eat breakfast and order extra sandwiches for the road.
 This cat balloon, if you guys only knew.  It's fine, I'll tell you.  When we went to the park a few days before, we saw a man selling balloons, apparently husband didn't want to buy one so he told our oldest that you can't take balloons on the metro.  She sadly understood and moved on with her day, but at the end of the night as we boarded the metro back to our apartment, another little girl got on with a balloon.  Our daughter's eyes instantly filled with tears and frustration, why did this little girl get to bring her balloon on the metro and she didn't?! So of course Husband says, "we'll look for a balloon tomorrow" and that hold her over a bit, she calms down and we go home.  The next day we're out and we don't see any balloons anywhere, until finally on the walk back to our metro stop we see a man selling balloons, I request this cat one and he says, 'no.'  Sorry it's out of air and he can't sell it to me.  I'm begging him in spanish trying to explain that we can't leave without is and please take my money already.  After a few minutes going back and forth because he won't give me a price I shove 2 euro in his hand and finally he pulls the sting loose and hands me the balloon.  She kept it on her backback until the train station when Husband told her she would have to say goodbye, thankfully, no one else boarded our train with a balloon or we'd have to relive the whole experience over again in France.

Beer and Wine all the places in Europe.
I really wanted to stop in Southern France for Lavender but our AirBnB was already booked so I had to settle for views from the train, this time!
We got in late, at a different station than we thought, because I didn't check the tickets.  And then Husband left out passports on the train and I had to RUN back after we were practically out of the station, and I found them hidden under his chair! But, our BmBSitter waited for us and was super helpful, even though I was so stressed about the experience and afraid they were just going to leave, because we were soooo late, after telling her we thought we were going to be early!  But alas everything worked out and we loved our apartment and all her plants and lamps. You can see the apartment tour I originally uploaded to snapchat (username: hawksandhoney) here.
The next morning we walked to the metro and decided to start with the Eiffel Tower. {above; calk art near our apartment}
They loved the carousel more than the tower I think.  We didn't bother going up this time, because it was so crowded with the soccer crowd, and I doubt Vera would remember it anyway, Sonja barely does from last time, maybe when we come back in a few years.
After breakfast crepes we walked along the siene to Notre Dame and some art stores,
we found a little playground on our way and of course the girls stopped to play.
Sonja was so nervous but we convinced her to try it and she did great anyway.
after a few minutes we moved along...
I picked up a few items from Charvin, including my favorite calligraphy nibs.
and Sonja picked out a sketchbook and colored pencils.
about that time I started getting hungry so just a few steps short of Notre Dame we stopped for lunch at Le Paradis Du Fruit.  The girls got these frozen lemonades while husband opted for what is most easily described as a strawberry daiquiri, a really strong, daiquiri. 
I loved their pita chips and their guacamole wasn't terrible for being so far from Mexico, what can I say I'm picky about my guac.  The mozzarella spread on the other side though was really where it was at!
I ordered this tabouli salad with a crust-less quiche on top and raspberry dressing.  It was probably the best thing I ate in France.
sunglasses\\zara kids spain
  Once we finished we walked to Notre Dame, we don't do church so it's kind of hard to explain to the girls what exactly this place is but we try to tell them about everyone believing in something and this is a place for people who believe in Jesus, since our parents are religious it's easy to place meaning like grandma goes to church and what not.  And then I see thing like this and I'm humbled that a 15 year old girl was a warrior for her beliefs.  I don't love that religions are a huge cause of war, but I also can't imagine in believing in something so much that I'm willing to die for it.  I don't know just sort of some rambling thoughts I have on Joan of Arc and the whole God thing.
went ahead and lit a few candles and sent happy thoughts to people around the world anyway.
The most beautiful window I've ever seen.

And god or not, the humans who were able to build this are what truly impresses me.  The math and engineering to keep something standing for several hundred years, is mind blowing.  And not only that but the dedication it took to build this whole place, over 800 years of effort to complete it.
Spent a solid 10 minutes trying to show Sonja the beheaded saint from afar, wasn't until we exited the chruch right under it she finally saw what I was talking about,  Each saint is shown with his or her martyrdom, in other word symbolism for how they died.
we walked around the exterior to the back and into the park.
and then around the side again, trying to get a good photo of the flying buttresses but last time we were here was winter, when all the trees were naked, this time with all the leaves we couldn't see them very well.
Best crepes from a bike I've ever had, and with a tip jar going towards buying a Porsche how could we not support his cause.
but seriously, they were delicious.
walking back along the Seine.

From all the rain and flooding the river was overflowing its lower banks and in areas like this there was higher cement to walk on to not get wet.

You can see it a bit more here, as normally the area to the right of the rail in this photo is completely dry.
Another art store stop, this time; Sennelier, home to many famous artists and the creators of the oil pastel, designed specifically for Picasso.  I bought a watercolor set and some paper and brushes to make some postcards.
And as it turns out, Sennelier is literally across the street from the Louvre so we stopped there too!
We've been here before, and knew we didn't want to waste our time with the Mona Lisa, everyone crowded into a tiny room? nah, instead we oped for some Greek & Roman sculptures and some Mesopotamian Artifacts.
and of course selfies anytime we can find a mirror
and I'll leave you with this final decadent Parisian room for my final image from today.  It was a loooonnnngggg day and I think I shared enough, next up a lazy day and Champ Elysees.

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