Thursday, July 7, 2016

Where we stayed on our European Adventure this summer (2016).

I'm currently working on editing photos, sorting photos, finding links and journaling our adventure but until then, I thought I would share where we stayed in each destination so you too can find your perfect getaway and what works for us.

Barcelona {$187.54 avg./night}.  I used Expedia for our hotel {or rather apartment} for Barcelona because I knew we were going to be there for five full days and wanted to make sure we had a kitchen and plenty of space for our family.  I found Next Door Gracia Apatments on Expedia.  I thought this was either too good to be true or going to be the worst experience, since we had to check in at one office to get our keys then go to a different location to actually get to our apartment.  Turns out all that hassle was totally worth it, because this 3 bedroom, yes THREE BEDROOMS apartment was under $200 a night and would have easily fit 6 people.  We will definitely be staying here again in the future.

Paris {$167.66 avg./night}.  For Paris, I used AirBnB because I also wanted an apartment and needed a better selection of prices and availability for our budget, I found a perfect 1 bedroom 1 bath apartment and used some credit I had to apply to the full amount, speaking of, here is $30 to airBnB for your next getaway.  I always pick somewhere with a few reviews, check the map for the area to make sure I'm nearby attractions and in a safe space. I always pay special attention to bathroom photos of any place I book to see how clean the tubs and showers are.  I also like to keep an eye on kitchens to make sure they have a decent set up and usable space.  We loved our apartment and would definitely stay there again, but if it were booked, I know there are plenty of other places on AirBnB to rent and we could find something else there as well.  Have you used AirBnB before? I've been thinking of how we can list our home there when we travel but not sure how that would work out with out dogs and chickens, Thinking of getting a camper and adding an outdoor eco bathroom to our home, but more on that in another post.

Switzerland.  We stayed with friends in Luzern but at a  hotel in Bern {$210 per night}.  The hotel was a last minute decision since we had a little bit of money left over and wanted to try a new place nearby with my sister. She mentioned the hotels not really being anything special but suggested a novahotel for it's reliability and consistency.  We liked it, we booked the room that included breakfast and that saved us some money. Switzerland is a very expensive place to eat out, most of our meals for 5 people {2 of those being children} usually cost about ₣100 Swiss Fancs somewhere around $110 which is obviously a lot, spending the extra 11 for breakfast included was definitely worth it!

What are your favorite resources for booking accommodations both internationally and abroad? Are you using AirBnB or search engine? Or do you book though the hotel directly? I find I have to do a bit of each to find the best deal.

Where is your favorite place to stay?!

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