Monday, June 20, 2016

Vegas Vacay {a quick recap}

This past weekend we drove over to Las Vegas to celebrate my sister's birthday! We've never been except to pass though so I packed my party dresses and swim suits and set off.
I love how prehistoric Joshua Trees look so as we passed though an entire forest of them I tried to capture a few from the passenger seat. 
After four hours in the desert drive we finally made it to Nevada, and then to our hotel. 
We decided to stay at the Flamingo because the room prices were reasonable and they have a large pool. side note: the rooms were just okay and because EDC was in town our rates were much higher than usual.  Next time I'd pick a different weekend and find a better room for the same rate.
For dinner, we went to searsucker at Cesar's Palace.  Husband ordered this burger and I had a salad. It was pretty expensive, but it seems like everything in Vegas is.   
Couldn't help but mock the faux Eiffel Tower. on my instagram  It's just so cheesy with all the billboards and neon lights. hard to compare once you've seen the real thing. 
After dinner, we walked around some more and watched the fountain at the Bellagio.  It's pretty creative how they get the water jets to match the music but super crowded and hard to get a good peek at the show. So we took a photo and moved on.

 My sister had us walk into the indoor garden to check out the flower and plant sculptures.  Here's a mermaid I snapped a photo of to show the girls.

The next morning was a pool day.  In the background you can see the Linq high roller wheel, if husband was up for more touristy activities I might have splurged the $15 a person for the 30 minute ride for a better view of the lights at night.

Livin' that mermaid life will be available on hawks and honey apparel's etsy site after July 7.

While we were at the pool I also practiced a little henna on my sister with the henna + Jagua cones I ordered from mehndika joey henna. She picked a similar image off of pinterest and I tried to make it a little different, as to not copy someone else's design exactly.

After the pool we took a nap and relaxed before our evening activities.  After we woke up, we walked down to The Venetian and I sat down for a few seconds while Husband mocked me for spending a whopping $4 gambling, I won a few quarters but promptly dropped them back in for a few more spins.

I know it looks like we had burgers two nights in a row, but the first night I had a salad and brussel spouts and this veggie burger from I Love Burgers {inside the The Venetian} was really good, I added cheddar and avocado too.  The tater tots were spot on with that perfect crunchy texture but softer potato on the inside. It wasn't cheap but it was a good quick meal before we walked around some more.  
as the sun was setting I suggested a photo on the balcony. {My sister and her Husband}
Husband and myself {messing around with the curves in color story app} 
After heading back to the hotel to get ready, we took the monorail to the Stratosphere for a comedy show at the L.A. comedy club featuring Samuel Comroe {who was hilarious, even if he did call me out for sitting in the front row and crossing my arms - I was laughing, I was just cold, plus chronic bitch problems.}
and the one more quick selfie before they drove back home.  I felt bad for not bringing my real camera out and about, but I didn't want to risk it getting lost or stolen, knowing we were going to be out, so instead a million photos on my iphone.
After we checked out of the hotel we made one last stop at the Donut Bar off the strip.  It's located at 6th street and Carson.  
They're only open until they sell out so ordering the night before isn't a terrible idea,
Also, they serve great coffee, so you're not settling for burnt starbacks like everywhere on the strip.
Here you can see the contrast between the normal size donut and their oversided ones! The coconut might have been my favorite, but I wanted to save a couple for the girl when we got home.  I mean look at all those sprinkles! 
And at last we were off and back on the road.  We had fun, a decent time, probably won't go back ourselves, but happy we got to see my sister for a quick weekend and thankful for my sister in law and friends who watched our kids while we were enjoying a couple days kids free! 
And back home to the even hotter heat.  I love it and am happy to be home for a few days before we set out to visit my younger sister this week in Europe! 

Have you been to Vegas before? Did we miss something amazing? What do you do there? We didn't bring our kids but I did see a lot walking around? Have you gone as a family before? tell me about your experiences there in the comments below.

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