Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Luzern {Day 11; Boats, Swans and Hugos}

On our first full day in Luzern, I knew I wanted to rent a paddle boat and enjoy the water.  Thankfully, everyone besides my 5 year old was excited for my plan!  Luzern or Lucerne depending which language you're saying it in, is one of my favorite places.  It's a small town by American standards but a larger city for Swiss culture.  The lake, in the center, is surrounded by shops and restaurants.  We love this area and are so happy we have an excuse to visit, not only for my sister, but one of my high school friends lives here with her husband and adorable baby.
 We rented our boats while my friend and her family walked around.  Boats are baby friendly, but I know my kids hated life vests when they were still babies.
Turns out they actually still hate vests.  Sonja was so upset she had to wear the vest, because it would save her if the boat sank, which meant there was the faintest of possibilities the boat could sink. The vest was a symbol of risk and fear to her, but I made her do it anyway because she was safe and eventually, she had a good time.
We only stayed on the water for about 30 minutes.  The boats are priced per half hour and I didn't want to spend the whole day (and budget) on the water.
We just paddled around long enough for some snacks on board.
// Boats from SNG.
This crazy kid just makes me laugh forever.  She's wild and fun.  I love both my girls completely.  This one just knows how to make me smile.   Romper//MVJ

Once we were done with the water, we walked down to get some crêpes and enjoy the beautiful weather and practice some henna. The girls were just so happy to be around their Aunt Brittany.  They love her so much and miss her. We're so happy she's living the life she wants but also wish she would come home! Here's to our Hawaii goals and meeting there in a few years.
Our friends took us to a local spot that has a pool in the center with lake water, it's over the water and from the outside doesn't look like anything special but inside it's got a the pool, bar and patio deck for laying out.  I won't tell you the name but hint hint you walk right past it, around the lake. 
Beer and a Hugo, my favorite swiss drink, turns out it's actually watered down champagne, sparkling water but water none the less. I actually made some at home this week with elder flower alcohol and it was delicious and higher alcohol content.  It's the perfect summer drink because the mint and lime keep it refreshing and when made authentically it's not very strong.
I asked Sam what these trees lining the lake were called and he couldn't remember the name in English but said it was the tree that produces chestnuts. Isn't that spiky thing cool?!
After our walk back to the bus we stayed in for the night.  It was actually rather late in the later photos, even though it's sunny out, it stays light until 10pm during the summer.  I love this city so much, we've been back a few times and every time I fall in love with it more and more.  My sister just accepted another job there for this year, so while I want to go lots of other new places, I'm sure we'll be in the Spring to see her.  

My next post is our last day in Europe and how we spent the fourth of July, hint; we brought 'Merica with us. 

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