Monday, August 1, 2016

Switzerland {Days 9 & 10 another day another train, Clocks, Bears and Beers}

Paris to Lucerne is about 5 hours and we knew we wanted to get in reasonably early since we were staying with friends and meeting my sister, but also not have to rush to the train station first thing in the morning with small kids, we've done it before and it just isn't fun for anyone.  So, opted for a mid morning train to get us to Lucerne, Switzerland around 5pm.  We were so excited to see our friends and family!
Sonja always wanted photos of the artwork exiting arriving the train stations.
I packed my calligraphy pens accessibly so I could work on my postcards.
The Train Conductor gave the girls these kid tickets, and stamped them, which of course they loved!
Aunt Brittany!
on our way to Jade and Claudio's.
When we arrived the girls went on the balcony to color while we all settled in for the night, because the next morning we headed on another adventure. For our time in Switzerland we wanted to explore as much as possible with my sister, she suggested Bern for a day trip.
look at these happy girls ready for their train ride to Bern.
//from the train.
gah.  Look at this adorable town, and it didn't even matter it was raining (thankfully, my sister loaned me a rain coat) because the sidewalks are all tucked under those archways keeping everyone dry!
    While we were there we took the girls to see the troll fountain, where the man on top is eating babies. No really, that's what is happening.  Because we believe a little fear keeps kids in line.  I asked them to take a photo with it and you can see their personalities shining though, Sonja is both embarrassed and frustrated, while Vera is taunting the statue.
I spy with my little eye an almost 800 year old clock tower.
my sister brought us to Kung Fu Burger which was closed for renovations last time she was here. 
Loved the Asian Fusion happening but also, it was weird to eat egg rolls with a side of swiss cheese, but more on that later over at bitches food club.
and then a bit of walking around followed by Swiss cappuccinos and hot chocolate.
Husband picked up this whiskey while we sipped coffee, then back at the room I practiced some henna and jagua.
Bern the city of bears.  
on our walk to dinner.
Bear park, super depressing and slightly terrifying.  This guy was literally seperated from civilization by no more than thick glass and a bit of distance. 
Family photo while we have someone to snap a few!
Hugos are my jam, after I tried one it's all I ordered for the rest of our time in Switzerland.
//sunset from our dinner.
The next morning before our train ride back we walked past some antique shops, too bad it was Sunday and everything was closed.
The other side of that clock.
and what it looks like with the sun out!
gimme all the vines.
I grabbed a pretzel at the train station for our ride back to Lucerne, and you know what they say go big [and] go home!  Saving this photo for the next time the girls tell me I don't ever do anything fun for them.

Thanks for following along on our travels, next up; a fun day in Lucerne with a few of our favorite people.  

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