Thursday, October 6, 2016

Our Adventures in Arches (part 3)

Our last morning in Utah.  It's always hard to say goodbye to a beautiful view,
more treasures. 
after breakfast Husband loaded up the car.
and we decided on a four wheel trail to see how the jeep would do.
You could see Skyline Arch from the drive
It handled the rocks alright, we didn't want to push it too far though, you know, rolling a car with kids in the back doesn't sound all that fun to me.   So after a few miles we headed back towards the exit to stop at Windows on our way out.
This simple hike was pretty touristy, but a great simple walk for the girls and just though the window you get a great view of the park 
After Windows we drove back home and on our way, we saw these horses on the side of the road, that little black one decided to run in front of our car at the last minute and with just enough warning for us to stop.  I obviously wanted a closer look so I walked over to say hi,
And then we were back on the road.
A long drive but worth it.
7.5 hours and just a few quick bathroom breaks and we were home!

Have you been to Arches? Where should we go next?!

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