Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Let's Go! Dispersed Camping in Northern AZ

Recently Husband discovered a wilderness area he hadn't been to in over a decade, and it was overgrown and alone and hidden, the perfect spot for dispersed camping in Northern Arizona.  We even drove past cows on our way to the secret spot, of course there are only so many wilderness areas in Arizona, and I'm sure someone could figure out where we are, but I'm still not going to post exact corinaties because as we've discussed while we want people to get our and explore more areas, we think they'll have a little more fun and adventure actually discovering these places for the first time themselves, of course you can follow more campsites on my Let's Go feature, just not going to share all our secret spots from now on...
 This is an interesting thing about Arizona, and other high desert locations, one second you're in the middle of an evergreen forest and the next you're stepping over cacti and agave.
 These little ladies love their weekend getaways even though we don't let them watch ipads or electronics once we're at our destination.
 Arizona does have Fall, y'all.
 I was so fascinated with this tree's roots growing around petrified wood and rocks.
 this area was dense pine needles so we had to clear the area and build our own pit.
 the kids love dancing around the fire.
 and we love sipping on bourbon.
 staying warm under the stars, there's little more I could ask for.
 finally I was able to get a decent shot with a little bit of effort and photography know how, still working on my night time star shots.
 up and early the next morning with coffee and books.
 Husband's Jeep has a removable back sear - I think they all do, and so we pull it out and set it next to the fire and we've got an instant couch!
 on our drive out we saw the cattle marching back to their ranch.
 we found more hints of Fall as we stopped for lunch under this tree.
Vera loved this rock she found.
and some people believe Arizona is all rocks and dirt.  Hope our little weekend adventures inspire you to get outside!  Where are some of your favorite areas in Arizona?

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