Tuesday, December 27, 2016

What to Pack for Kids on a Snow Trip.

 We decided to drive up to Flagstaff after Christmas to catch a bit of the snow this weekend,  They got 12-18 inches in some areas.

Last time we tried to make it up to play in the snow it was a whole 2* f and we lasted only seconds. This time we thought we'd have better luck with the slightly warmer weather and proper warm gear, but turns out I still forgot a few things, here's what I can suggest for those desert dwellers taking a quick day trip to the snow, who maybe don't have all the full winter gear.

For each kid you'll need:

  • 1 warm hat
  • 1 pair of waterproof gloves or mittens. - these would be perfect because they have extra arm protection so snow can't get in!
  • 1 waterproof warm jacket (pink one here, blue one here)
  • long sleeve shirts and hoodie for under the jacket and indoors
  • 2 pairs of socks - one on in the snow which will inevitably get wet no matter how careful you are, and one dry pair to put on after the snow.
  • Rain boots or better yet snow boots if you can find used or cheap - they're worth the investment since they actually tighten up around the pants and you cold buy a size up and get two seasons out of them.
  • Toe Warmers
  • 2 pairs of warm pants - because one pair will get wet when playing in snow, even with snow pants.
  • Snow pants if planning ahead - since this was last minute we didn't have snow pants but they're reasonably priced so wouldn't be a bad idea if planning for winter weather, it rarely snows nearby so when it does we hop in the car, not a lot of planning ahead over here. 
  • Blankets - as soon as the kids got in the car we threw a blanket over them while they changed their clothes and blasted the heater, 
  • Tea - I brewed hot peppermint tea before we left, put it in the termos and it was still steaming when we got there, 

Warmer kids mean longer snow ball fights.
Seriously though, about the extra clothes and socks, it took our youngest more time in the car than she was even in the snow to stop crying.  I forgot to pack an extra pair of socks thinking that they were protected since the boots were waterproof but no, they got snow all up and in those boots, and apparently the feet warmers weren't sufficient once their feet were wet.  So much crying.  To be fair she was tired, but also she was plenty warm,

What do you bring on your quick trips to the snow?

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