Wednesday, December 28, 2016

2016 Adventures Recap.

I don't want to sound insincere because we lost a lot of great icons and even our dog in 2016.  It was pretty shitty.  But looking back on all our adventures, it was actually a pretty great time.  Here's a quick recap of everywhere we went this year...

Miles traveled by car: 3,184
Miles traveled by plane: 17,488
Miles traveled by train: 1,231

3 Countries Visited: Spain | France | Switzerland
4 States Visited: Arizona | Utah | California | Hawaii
9 Campsites Sites Visited: Grand Canyon National ParkChevelon Canyon Lake Campsite | Lynx Lake Campsite | Fossil CreekManzanita Campsite | Arches National ParkSecret Spot | Kauai State Parks |

16 Days / 8 Nights Camping - not bad for a family of four with two full time working parents; a dad with 2 jobs and a mom with 4 (four!) businesses.

45 Days of Travel Total including time in hotels.

Grand Canyon in January
Tucson in February
Chevelon Lake in March
Lynx Lake in April
Fossil Creek in May
Barcelona in June
Switzerland in July
Manzanita | Oak Creek Canyon in September
Road Trip to Arches
Arches National Park in October
Our Secret Campsite in October 
Kauai in November
and Flagstaff in December

Where will we go in 2017?  I have a list of places I want to make it to, but we'll see what happens!  What about you? Where do you want to go, if you could go anywhere?  if not, what's stopping you?!

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