Monday, May 2, 2016

Let's Go! {Lynx Lake + Campground}

As you know we've been making an effort to travel and explore even more this year! This month our destination was Lynx Lake only an hour out of Phoenix, just on the outskirts of Prescott.
When we arrived the kids and pups played and lounged while we set up the tents.
goofy face and all
As soon as our tents were set up we took a walk down to the lake. this was definitely one of the most managed sites we've camped at and the majority of the walk to the lake was on paved path. 
We did have to cut though the woods but once we were there there was another paved bike and pedestrian path,
But for as populated as this site was, we did make some new friends like this little snake {above}.
People were not permitted to swim in the lake which is one disappointing and two concerning, what's in the water that shouldn't be on people? 
We still temped the mosquitoes and played on the small shore.
and don't get us wrong it was a beautiful view.
One of the main reasons I love camping with my girls is to get them off the technology streak and touching dirty sticks and mud.
Sam and Macey decided to let Frankie test out her new life vest, and while she was hesitant about walking in the water she had a blast once we tossed her in.
and after our little hike we came back to our site for some rest before evening festivities, see eating and drinking.
We did bring fire wood, but not quite enough so we sent the boys out to gather some and they came back with this log.
with the combination of store bought and found wood, we were set for our bonfire that evening.
and it could not have been a better weekend to see the stars especially with a moon rise over campfire.
Is it weird that I always try to pick camping weekends on those of the full moon, should I be more scared of werewolves?! because I'm not. 
Breakfast burritos for breakfast are our camping go to.
those and egg + cheese sandwiches!
or just cheese even.
and a little lizard friend we made just before heading out.

Here's some details about the campsite {1 being worst, 10 being best}:
Location {and Distance}: 5

Located about an hour away from Phoenix, completely paved and barely outside of Prescott.
Road: 10
The road to the campsite is a normal street because it's literally five minutes outside of Prescott.
Secluded: 3
This is a good site for families and activities and camping without the risk of being stuck in the middle of no-where so as far as secluded, it wasn't.  Granted the sites are far enough apart you're not on top of your neighbors it's still not as secluded as we like to experience.
View: 5
Decent views from places within the campsite, but nothing spectacular from actual site, it was more the walking down to the water that gave this site it's views.
Bathrooms: 9.5
flushing toilets, but still those public restroom vibes without soap and such.
Campsite Fixtures: 8
Fire pit and table, and a smooth section for a tent.
Trash, Water and Food: 5
Trash, water and food should always be stored in the trunk where bears, and rodents can not see it or access it.  There was a dumpster on site for disposal of trash, but not recycling.  There was a water pump near our site.  but there was no wild harvesting food nearby.
Animals: 4
We saw two animals plus a ferral cat at this site, so we were happy with our nature experience.
Pets: Yes
Pets were allowed on a leash at this site.
Group Accommodation:4-6 people
We had 4 adults and 2 kids in the space and I know it was a two car max per site, I think 8 adults would be very crowded though.
Water {lakes, ponds, and oceans}: 7
There was a lake 1/4 mile down a paved trail, man made but pretty and the dam is well hidden so it looks a little more natural.  Literally, as soon as my daughter started complaining we were there.  It was paved but we took a shortcut though the forest for like 5 minutes, and then back to paved walkway.  There weren't signs for walking to the lake but we just looked at our phones and followed the blue dot closer to the water.
Well Drained: 10
Our campsite was cleared, elevated and well draining, would have been fine for slight rain.
Firewood: 8
We brought 3 bags of store bought wood and still needed more wood.  Thankfully, there was plenty of kindling and logs from the ground around.
Management: National Forest Services
Campsites were VERY well managed and very clean.
Reservations: 10
must make reservations on
Cost and Permits: $19 I think with out discount and a $9 online service fee.

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