Monday, April 17, 2017

Another Arizona Adventure.

//wild flowers blooming off the 1-17 near flagstaff at sunset. 
//we stopped overnight in flagstaff to eat dinner, because we left late on friday night.  we got there so late and after dinner, husband set up the tent at 10pm while the girls and I slept uncomfortably but slightly warmer in the car.  we woke up to breakfast burritos and a campfire.

 "Radioactive pollution kills, it's time to clean up the mines" it's time we stop ignoring native people and their requests for environmental respect.
//texture. + found.
 sure.  I ask him to take a photo of me, doesn't happen, pretty mountain get's his attention tho.
 same sonja.  same.
this should be a flowing river but a dam is upstream restricting wildlife and flooding a beautiful canyon we'll never see again, you might know it as lake powell.  you can educate yourself on dams and their destruction here
 once we were in the wilderness, we went for a walk.
 my six year old needs her own camera.
 here she is in awe of the tiny canyon that welcomed us.
  I think this is Hedysarum boreale, does anyone know for sure? 
 after our hike, we finally found our home away from home.
and there were even bones around our site, this appears to be the lower jaw of a cow broken in half.  I was shocked to see the tooth still in place.
"When I found the beautiful white bones in the desert I picked them up and took them home too...I have used these things to say what is to me the wideness and wonder of the world as I live in it."
-Georgia O'Keeffe 
we settled in for the night, I'm forever cold and this campfire was barely handling it.  I always need feet warmers and feel like a camping failure, any tips on how to increase your tolerance to cooler temperatures?
//sunrise from inside our tent.
warming up with freshly brewed cowboy coffee.
after loading up the car and finishing breakfast we set off on our hike to our intended designation (as some of you know I've stopped disclosing dispersed camping sites as a way to encourage your own adventures, you won't find this site on website or google maps, if you want to find places like it you'll need a good old fashion map with hiking trails and you'll need a four wheel drive vehicle, and two working legs to get to most places worth seeing, at least the places worth seeing without a bunch of other tourists in the background).
//hawks circling and blue skies.
 another moment captured though my daughter's eyes. {unedited, like all the images shared on this post}
 it's pretty impressive what a million years will do to the earth.
she came up with this all on her own; sand fairies {childhood mostly unplugged will create some wonderful memories - i hope.} and they kept calling it magic sand. I wonder what the canyons were telling them.
nature's sculpture.
until our next adventure, thanks for reading along, if you have any questions feel free to email me at {but no, I won't tell you exactly where this place is.}

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