Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Full Moon in Libra and Charging our Crystals Craft {with kids}

Last night the girls and I sat down with our favorite stones, crystals and rocks and gathered our intentions for the full moon, we wrote down things that didn't serve us, and things we wanted to release, we placed them in the moon light, because I always feel recharged after the moon's reflection.
 We painted whatever came to our hearts and created alters full of flowers, stones, rocks and art.

my reflection on the  full moon in Libra is immersed in "passion to a purpose that supports our heart’s desire is what’s being called out." and "Perhaps it’s dedicated to the goddess, to our art, to presence, to our hearth, to justice, to the transformation of society." are both analysis that stand out to me from Mystic Mama's Astral Insight and even this quote,“Looking into the mirror of the other, we’re healing who we are in all our relationships from the Earth to ourselves right up to the person most intimately next to us. Deep workPowerful transformative movement.” reminds me that transformation is never easy and that healing my relationship with myself and my body (listening when it's screaming at me - hello 31 day detox) and working on my relationship with my partner is comically important. 
I'm working on a chakra collection to help remind me to focus on balance and alignment.  these stones are almost all from family and friends with the exception of the quarts on the upper right, i gifted that to myself on an adventure in California.  the tooth is from my older daughter's mouth who asked me to place it on the alter too,  I guess in a way releasing that which no longer serves us was quite literal as that poor tooth had become infected and was at risk for harming her body and surrounding teeth.  we were already proactive about our kids dental health but since then have increased our awareness and now it's almost our number one health goal. 

How to you honor the moon?  Do you find comfort in celebration and rituals? 

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