Monday, April 10, 2017

Adventuring on the Apache Trail. Again.

This weekend we drove out on the Apache Trail for another adventure in Arizona.  We don't have enough vacation time to hit up all the places we want regularly so we end up doing a lot of exploring of Arizona, and no objections here really, we love the desert and the beauty it has to offer.  We both grew up here, and while we love phoenix now, it's a gritty city, full of people turning this hostile landscape into grass lawns and freeways.  And that, we hate. So for our own mental health we make sure to check out as often as possible and immerse ourselves in the wilderness, mountain lions, cacti and all. 
on our drive out we saw this mini agave {no idea what they actually are} blossoming with pretty pink flowers, I caught this one while going 35 mph on a dirt road.  
this dirt road.  we drove past Apache Lake and wanted to see what else we could find.
turns out just a dam and and a bridge.  Roosevelt Dam. 
anyway, we found a 4wd trail {with a cattle guard gate - we had to open} and it had an epic view of the mountains and man made lake. The campsite was filled with cattails {thanks to the cattle industry} and probably lots of hidden rattlesnakes, but on the surface wild flowers and my favorite, creosote. 
which made the perfect backdrop for my fresh henna stain. 
the girls got new dresses this weekend shopping with their nonno {grandpa in Italian} and were eager to wear them in the dirt.
their uncle Wayne is whittling them walking sticks from wood they found.
Sonja entertaining herself with rocks and the marks they make on each other. 
vera playing with dirt, and yes, those are my six year old's bare feet, I'm a firm believer in letting kids get bored and dirty. 

me and the brut. // katchula 2.0
Husband is always in charge of starting the fires, but I'm in charge of making the fire starter {d.i.y. coming soon} 
here's that view I was talking about.
and look a little almost full moon.
checking that fire temp.
I'm not drinking alcohol for 31 days so I made a mock and tonic using a drop of juniper berry essential oil in sparkling water.  it almost worked.
here's Rene beering his steak. 
these are probably some of my favorite moments, just watching Husband be a great dad even especcially when the kids are whining.  just being present with my family. 
remember when I etched a million ball jars, here's one of my his and her's set I never sold, full of black coffee in the morning light.
and to the north of our site, more mountains and cacti.
love when the light hits the cacti and they start glowing.
scrambled eggs teamwork, 
this camping stove was by far one of the best investments we've ever made. 
arizona wild flowers on brittlebush.
Wayne found a horny toad so Husband carefully picked it up to show the girls.
vera asked to hold it, shortly after it jumped out and off back into it's desert home. 
on the drive back we found these flowers which we think are Datura or related. super toxic, hallucinogenic and often fatal if consumed, or leaving the victim in a schizophrenic trance. not sure though, because those usually open at night and these were open during the day?
Harris Hawks circled in clusters the whole wilderness area. this one said hi on our drive out.
another fun adventure in the books!

planning something for next weekend but not sure where yet.  any suggestions?  northern arizona? lower antelope canyon? flagstaff area? southern arizona? 

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