Monday, July 31, 2017

West Coast Road Trip 2.0 {Big Sur Recap}

This summer we set off on another epic West Coast road trip, this time to stop at all the places we missed on our trip two years ago (you can read about that trip here).  Our first stop was Kirk Creek Campground in Big Sur, CA.  we drove all day to get there just before sunset on the Summer Solstice.  We got in and watched the sun set, made some dinner and set up our tent.  Our dog did so good in the car for almost 11 hours, we let him out every time we stopped, but he was so content for the ride.  The girls were good for the most part as well, but towards the end they started melting down, it was such a relief to get to the site and greet the ocean.  We almost ran out of fuel on the way to our site since everything was closed and secluded, thankfully Husband had prepared well for our adventure and had two tanks of gas strapped to the back of the Jeep.  When we unloaded the car he refueled.  The next morning we woke up early to make oatmeal and hike down to the water.  The girls found treasures along the way, which they carried close by the rest of our time at the site, and I documented for them, we also remind them to leave behind for the next kids to find.  We crossed the creek and persevered through dense vegetation to finally touch the rocky cliffs of the Pacific Ocean.  I drank my coffee and listened to the waves crash before heading back to our site to break down and move on to our next stop in northern CA to the Redwoods.  I definitely want to come back her for a few more days, it was perfect cool crisp weather and beautiful surroundings.  my husband has also started writing about our adventures here if you want to follow along.  I'll be the first to admit his writing is more thorough than mine.  I'm just here for the images -speaking of which...


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