Tuesday, August 24, 2010

D.I.Y. Paper Fans

It's 107 degrees here on a partially cloudy August day and my Pre-Baby Celebration (a.k.a. baby shower) is in 2 weeks. Since there will be drinks and some activities outside, I think my guests will appreciate my paper fans.

*Large Popsicle sticks
*Cardstock (I had some left over so no cost for me!)
*Printer (to print images along with a computer to print them from)
*Hot glue sticks and gun
*Paper cutter

To Start, I designed on 8 1/2 x 11 image in illustrator. I took some pretty googled images off the internet and digitally altered them to my satisfaction. (you can also pick your favorite 2 images and print them as 5x7s (makes LARGE fan) or 3x5s (make NORMAL size fan).

Once you print them, you cut them in half.

Trim them to perfection if necessary, just make sure they are both the same size!

Face down, hot glue the outline of one side. And, add glue to both sides of the stick, make sure to go about halfway down on each side. (my glue is orange here because it is mixed with my wax seal sticks from my party invitations)

Add the other side on top, press together firmly, but be careful the glue might be hot! Also, I wanted rounded edges so we went back and trimmed them after gluing- this is optional.


Back (I sort of wish I had included the due date or something extra here, maybe you can think of something creative for your own project):

The Full Stack:

Happy Fan Making and Paper Cooling!

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