Monday, June 3, 2013

Eschut Wedding!

My Sister-in-law's wedding was May 25, 2013 and I'm finally getting around to posting her wedding photos here on the blog!  She got married at Heritage Square here in Downtown Phoenix. Like any venue there were pros and cons, mostly a good space, but I'll share more about that later in the post.  Enjoy the photos {that my sister and sister-in-laws mostly took}...
Getting Ready:
Okay, I DID take some photos that day. 
Getting ready room! As you can see Sonja was VERY excited!
She is literally jumping for joy!
Bridesmaid/Sister getting her hair did! 
The view from our dressing room at the Sheraton Downtown. 
One major negative thing about Heritage Square is there is no private bathroom, so we had to get ready somewhere else then drive to the venue.  They did have a dressing room, but it was more of an office or meeting room.  Husband actually ended up having to get ready in the public bathroom because he got trapped there unloading everything. That's another con, at our wedding we could set up the night before, at Heritage Square we could only start at 2pm and the wedding was at 5pm!
Bridesmaids' gifts 
We each got our own mug & plate. 
Vera with her Aunt Haley 
Flower girl dress and flowers {hand knitted but Hope} 
Dress Detail 
The Bouquets 
My parents helped a ton! I was able to LITERALLY run around before the wedding to get everything in it's place and it was only because they helped watch the girls the whole day! 
Mother and Brother of the Bride 
Me and my Flower girl!
Father and Daughter. 
Her something borrowed was my veil.
Each plate was a unique antique or thrifted plate. This was mine.
Table Setting.
After the ceremony we took our wedding party photos by Robert|Conrad 
sneak preview by Robert|Conrad
Sonja wanted a photo with her Aunt Emmy and Official Uncle Matt 
They served Greek food and it was the best I've ever had! 
Who doesn't love a falafel bar?! 
Sonja and her Lemonade {and her gold fingernails to match her shoes}, and my delicious dinner!
{above} my parents
Photo Booth Fun with the Hubs.
Oh, and in honor of Netflix releasing season 4 of Arrested Development it wasn't just a photo booth it was a #photoBLUTH!
First Dance as Husband and Wife, Father Daughter Dance
Father Daughter and Mother Son 
Sisters and their dad. 
My daughter and her father. 
Sweetheart Cake by Treehouse Bakery
A few of my favorite women.
Husband has the best grandmother and her sisters! 
Moby Wrapped baby makes for a happy baby {and I was still able to dance!}

...and then we got home, there were the instagram photos:

Such a lovely evening!

Congrats again Matt & Emily!

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