Monday, November 25, 2013

Birthday Cake Gold Paper Banner {an upcycled project}

If you follow me on instagram {family and friend in real life only}, or twitter you may or may not have noticed this banner on my birthday cake last week.  I made it from the scrap paper my husband used in a recent project {I'll be posting about that later}.
 My daughter cut out all these circles with a hole punch I have and I decided to make the cake banner out of them.
Turns out I had 30 1 inch gold circles and some random thin ribbon.
Then, I found my glue and sorted.
Sonja helped me line up these circles, one face down and one for placing on top.
This created a sort of assembly line production system.
Sonja helped me add the glue.
Then we added the circle on top. 
Then I sewed them all together on the string to keep them together {the glue just held them in place}.
As I sewed I adjusted the sloppy toddler placement and aligned them.
I sewed VERY SLOWLY to avoid the circles catching on the machine or sliding around or falling off.
{because sometimes you have to do this while holding a fussy baby}

Hope you're inspired to upcycle something around your house.  This could also be done with old pictures, books or magazines. Happy upcycling!


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