Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Food Club no. 12 {Postino on Central}

This month's meeting was at Postino Wine Cafe on Central Avenue in Midtown.  Did you guys even know Phoenix had a Midtown?! We'll we do, and the restaurants there are divine!  Postino is one of my all time favorite places, but did you know a few of these ladies had NEVER been there?

We chose to go on a Tuesday around 8pm for their Bruschetta and BOTTLE OF WINE special {bruschetta plate of four flavors and ANY bottle of wine for $20}.  Except I didn't realize they took reservations for 8 or more, so when all 10 of us showed up, we had to sit at the bar instead of waiting 45 minutes.  All was well though, we ate and drank. and really, what else could we ask for?
I started off with a Bellini {$5} before the 8pm wine special.
We kept busy with conversation until it was finally time to place our order! 
This little lady joined us {she's not mine, but she's so cute I couldn't leave her out}
Finally around 7:55 we placed our orders, we ended up with a table full of wine, no less than 5 bottles total were ordered.
Above: Bruschetta with fig and apple, white bean and tomato, salami and prosciutto 
Above: Tuscan Tuna 
Above: more Bruschetta; smoked salmon with pesto, ricotta with dates dates, white bean with tomato and I'm not sure the last one on the right.
and more bruschetta
After we ate all the bruschetta we could handle, we ordered a dessert.
Above: Salted Caramel Sunday. 
This was so good, but also kind of unique, it had hidden chocolate covered corn nuts but the caramel sauce was served still warm. Such a great way to end the night.

The Full Review {their menu here}:
Favorite Appetizer: Bruschetta.  you pick four flavors and they're all amazing! 

Favorite Entree: Since it's a wine bar, it might be the only place I suggest skipping an entree, instead go for appetizer or salad and keep it light, although Husband does usually order the Nine Iron. 

Favorite Drink: Bellini.  I know it's not wine, but the Housemade peach bellini is fresh and delicious.  If not the Bellini, I highly suggest the Malbec {I left with 3 bottles} it's made with organically grown grapes and it a flavorful, full bodied red wine.  

1-10 Service {0 worst, 10 best}: 8.  It would have been nice to sit at a table but the bar was fine, since we had to wait until 8pm to get the deal, we sort of got left there for a few minutes, even though some people were ready to order their items right away.  Overall, it was a good experience, but since they also don't split checks, a lot of time was wasted waiting and then calculating.  Again, not a big deal, just not as accommodating as other restaurants in the area.

Cost {$  $$  $$$  $$$$!}: $$-$$$ I spent a lot {after tip around $50} but that's because I splurged and got the bellini and a salad AND the bruschetta special.  

Mistakes {corrections?}: none.

Reservations? I found out the hard way that they take reservations for eight or more.  We ended up not having to wait, since there was room at the bar.

Would we eat there again? We eat there all the time, and Gretchen {my sister in law} catered Bruschetta for my recent surprise birthday party! So yeah, we'll be eating there again!

We'll be skipping a December meeting {since half of our club will be in Europe} and resuming in January after the holidays.  Hope you're inspired to check out a new local restaurant wherever you might be with the ladies in your life.  

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