Friday, December 6, 2013

Calligraphy Workshop with Moira Ink

Last night I attended my first Calligraphy workshop with Moira Ink!  The event was hosted in downtown Phoenix's boutique Cleo & Clementine.  I've never taken a penmanship or calligraphy class but I love the lettering and as an art educator I firmly believe in continuing education, so I signed up for this workshop!
I've been looking forward to this for weeks now!  I'm so excited to address postcards from Europe with my newly acquired skills!
Jenny from Moira Ink was the sweetest, and totally made calligraphy look easy {even though it wasn't}, she's extremely talented and I love following along on her instagram, such pretty daily inspiration. 
My workshop mate {and boutique manager}, Anna was instantly amazing, look at her "Bacon"
Everyone was doodling away...
And another talented classmate.
And here's mine...
I didn't even realize I spent 2 hours on letters before starting on words, it's addicting.  And probably not the best drug for a perfectionist, once I got it right I'd keep trying to get it again, which didn't help.
At least I got my and Hubs. name down.
Everyone had a great time, and I was so impressed with everyone's work!
Jenny demonstrated white ink on envelopes and while it looked amazing, I couldn't handle the challenges of the white ink, that stuff is for the pros!
I tried with the girls' names but I defiantly need to practice, hello new nap time activity!
And finally my favorite envelope from the night, not sure who I'm going to send this lovely package to from Paris, or if I can make a few more, but keep an eye out for your lovely Schutsky Greetings from Europe!  

**If you want a postcard please send me your address before December 10.**

For more calligraphy you can find Moira Ink's BlogInstagramTwitter. & Pinterest here.  I know more workshops are in the works, which I'll post about as soon as it's announced, but you can also keep up to date by following along with cleo & clementine for more Phoenix events.

Happy Handwriting!

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