Wednesday, December 4, 2013

European Planning Post no. 6

A few updates on trip to Europe, if you know you're into that sort of thing, or maybe planning a trip of your own.

On Sunday September 22, a little less than 3 months out, I finally sat down to call the airlines to add Vera to the flight.

And booked our last hotel {in Luzern}

When we purchased our tickets, I was pregnant but didn't know if we were having a boy or girl and we hadn't picked a name.  Once SHE was born we applied for the passport and such, so I had an official name to put on her ticket.  Now, for domestic flights I think ALL airlines let children under 2 travel for free on a parent's lap.  So I assumed it was the same for this flight.  IT WASN'T. Vera cost 10% of the ticketed price for the adult so we ended up paying $127 for her to fly with us.  Not a big deal, but that's like a day and a half of my food budget for the trip so I'll have to recover that somewhere else.  If you're also planning on traveling with a new-ish baby make sure you set aside a small chunk of cash for his or her ticket.  {we're flying Lufthanasa, so check your airlines for differences}.

The good news about her ticket was that it includes one checked bag AND a checked car seat or stroller.  I wasn't going to bring the stroller we have, since it's once more item to carry around and cobblestone streets are very stroller friendly but since it's free I *might*

In other news, Sonja's birthday money gifted from family and friends was a sweet contribution to the few remaining warm clothing items I needed/wanted to purchase.  She has one merino wool pajama set but I just ordered her these as well since she thought they were so cool:
from J. Crew

...and I'm planning on getting her a few {2-3} more Smart Wool socks to add to her collection.

Definitely, going to get these for Vera, and I found her another suit like this one {REI brand instead}, at hissyfits for $18!

and my mom just ordered these for me as an early Christmas present!

Feeling SO thankful and blessed.  We're only a few short weeks away! I've already packed and will be posting about that as soon as we leave!  Hope you're excited for a million photos and travel posts!


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