Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Fall 2013 Garden Update {November & December 2013}

I added a fig tree and lime tree to our garden!  They were only $20 each at home depot so I grabbed them.  I'm not sure how trees are, if they're organic or GMO but I know we treat the soil and plants in our garden with care so I have to believe they'll be organic enough by the time they start producing {even though I know GMOs don't wash off, my point is I like to think of it as nature vs nurture and nurture is my only hope since I don't know what is conventional for limes or figs}
above: lime tree
I also grabbed a few more pumpkins for Thanksgiving and my kale is still hanging on and producing enough to add to smoothies and lunch throughout the week.
I also found some tomatoes that I didn't realize were growing.
I thought all my tomato seeds died since they didn't come up right away but then a few surprise plants popped up and they were flowering!  I was so excited to find these green jewels!  I hope they turn red before we leave for Europe!! I want to try a "sun dried" in the oven recipe with them! or maybe I'll just add them to salads. or make a pasta sauce.  epp! I'm so excited!
The basil has flowered so it's bitter and not really usable anymore.  I thought I saved some to dry but when I checked it, it didn't smell right, so I had to compost it to avoid any mold, next time I'm going to try the frozen herb butter method.
The bees however LOVE the basil, {which is part of my connection to the name Hawks and HONEY, my daughter is named after the basil plant and the bees were an iconic part of my pregnancy} so it's still in the garden feeding the bees and not so much us.  and I'm okay with that.
I also have this giant plant/weed {above}, I don't know what it is and don't think I planted anything like it.  Anyone know what it is?
and that's our garden for now, I'm not sure if we're going to get much else this fall/winter but I'll let you know!

Happy Gardening!

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