Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Phoenix Flea Inspired Gift Guide 2013

I was so excited to attend Phoenix Flea, a few weekends back.  It's a new local event here in phoenix, and I'm already excited about for next year!  I found some amazing deals and beautiful handmade items.  I took my time blogging about it because I wanted to build the perfect gift guide if you missed it, or if you're not in the Phoenix area.  So without further adieu, here's the event and gift guide.

First can we take a second and talk about how cute this sign is?

okay, moving on to the vendors and their links... 
First stop was indienook, an adorable apparel company with shirts for both kids and adults and the cutest little leggings you ever did see!
A lovely lady named Corri was selling some great vintage finds {see my big purchase at the end!} 
Green Haus was also there with vintage items. 
Mariette Market had baby britches and some really cute tops, I found the tunic below for Sonja, only $10!
Bought one of our baby friends a pair of leggings from Crew and Lu but I LOVED their mocks too!
 Spearmint had some really wild kids clothes and I really wanted to splurge on one of these chic blankets!
Threads by the Shine Project help employ inner city youth.  And the stones are gorgeous.
I'm a sucker for paper goods and Floating Specks didn't help.  These cards were so fresh and well designed.
Citizen's Home Decor had these Arizona Plaques I would love to hang in my home, but and they had little ornaments too.  I'm going to have to save up for some new home decor, once we get back from Europe.
And those little chalkboard pennant banners were for sale too. How fun for a party! 
I loved all the upcycled items at Whitehouse Designs' booth, and I can't get enough of that glittered deer on chevron! want.
The Letter House had some beautiful hand drawn thank you cards and other custom paper goods.  My sister picked up a stack of cards to send out this winter. 
I hadn't heard of growop before but their boutique here was a nice vintage collection with a few really interesting items. 
And finally my favorite splurge of the day was this antique school house desk! now I just have to find another one so I can properly link them for the girls, once we start homeschooling.

And now for that gift guide, here are my top picks from my favorite shops, happy holidays!

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