Monday, August 4, 2014

Schutsky Summer Checklist {or how I've been keeping my kids busy this year}

This summer, I've taken on a few activities and challenges.  I like to stay busy and I'm always trying to find that balance of busy, full life, mom life, wife life, and restarting a small business.  This summer I wanted to make an effort to become a better mother so I sat down with Sonja and combined a few summer check lists or bucket lists to create one just for us:
I may have over-committed.  While we've made a huge dent into the list, we've also got quite a bit to go, most of them we can complete without much effort but there are a few which require more planning and patience than I have some days, so as the summer continues I'll be making more of an effort to complete the list.  Technically, summer is through September 23 on the equinox so we should be fine, but if you're reading this and thinking I've only got a week left until school starts, you're right! But if you don't have a list of your own, sit down and make one so these next few days before school starts can be the most fun and exciting of the summer.  Here's a few things we've done so far... 
I'm still looking forward to real camping in the desert but backyard camping was checked off last week and the girls LOVED that.  Other fun activities include pictured above; backyard picnic, fireworks, camping out in living room, sponge ball fights, science center, tie dye, baking cookies and no bake cookies.  Still big items include building a tee pee, going berry picking, and watching a sunrise {not looking forward to waking up for that one}.  

What do you do to keep the kids busy during the summer? I'd love to hear fun ideas to add to our list for next summer.  


  1. This is awesome Jenn! I will definitely be making a list when summer rolls around this side of the world!

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