Thursday, October 23, 2014

D.I.Y. Prickly Pear Juice {or how to save $45 from whole foods!}

This weekend my sister in law and a friend wild urban harvested about 20-30 prickly pears from a neighborhood, because they're amazing, you can make jam or juice and I wanted juice!  The juice isn't as sweet as I thought it would be be it's anti inflammatory and really good for you and also, who doesn't love a prickly pear margarita?!  When we got home, I had no idea how to clean and cut them or even what was inside so I found a youtube video but the guy took FOREVER to explain what to do, I'm not going to do that to you, it's so easy...
If you harvest, use tongs, we weren't planning on it so we used reusable bags as gloves but it made a mess and Emily got stuck a bunch.  Get tongs and wash the loose prickly-s off.
while still holding with tongs or carefully with one finger in a safe space,
 cut off one end. 
then cut off the other.
then slice away the skin while holding the pear with the cut end and rotating, confusing? just look at the photos.
remove outer layer while being careful to not get pricked by any loose prickly-s.
above, two cut off ends, the skin removed and the fruit on the lower left.
the seeds are tiny, black and feel like rocks, don't eat them, there are a lot! 
it's a pretty messy process, and I mean that literally, the pink fuschia color was everywhere but I was okay with that because it was so pretty/
save any unused fruit for compost! 
enjoy the stained fingers. 
and let the toddler help with the juicing.
Prickly Pear juice for FREE {if you live in the desert} then you're welcome because just last week I saw a liter at whole foods of organic prickly pear juice for $45.99  FOURTY FIVE  NINTY NINE! and while I can't guarantee these are organic, I'm okay with that because they were "hunted" and gathered with my own hands.

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