Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tolmachoff Farms Corn Maze {another item off our Schutsky Fall List}

um, where was I? no, we didn't pack up for the day and go to Iowa, but it sure looked like it for a second.

no.  we went to Tolmachoff Farms in Glendale, Arizona. I wanted to bring the girls to a corn maze and this was the closest one.  We had a lot of fun.  Want to see?  I'm going to show you anyway...
it was a little warm with all that sun, but we forgot about the heat as soon as we started exploring. 
of course the girls stopped right away to look at the baby ducks. 
and then again to play in the brick house of the three little pigs' homes. 
we also got to see a little pony, which Vera was scared of. 
GOATS.  I want goats so bad but our home just isn't quite big enough for their needs. 
after hanging out with some animals we rode some tractors.
Daddy took Vera.
Sonja tried her own but then hopped on mine.

wild west photoshoot anyone?!
CORN kernels forever and ever.
Quick self timed family photo. 
and another of the Todd.
The girls loved this water pump experience and didn't want to leave!
but I convinced them to go in the corn maze.
we did the short five minute one and decided the kids wouldn't be up for the whole hour long maze, but when we got out the baby pigs were awake!  
I can't even handle they're just going to end up as bacon, I mean look how cute they are!
and of course we had to stop and say bye to the baby ducks on our way out.
anyone want to get me an old farm pick up for when we finally start a homestead?!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, I'll keep sharing as we check items off our Schutsky Fall List.

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