Monday, March 30, 2015

How We Use Essential Oils {Part 1 of 3; Topically}

top·i·calˈ /täpək(ə)l/ adjective:
MEDICINE relating or applied directly to a part of the body.

I wanted to start with documenting our uses for oils and I thought breaking it down into the 3 ways oils can be used was the best way to start.  Essential oils can be used topically, aromatically or in extreme cases internally.  This post will address how we use EOs topically.  First, let me say this is what me and my family do, I'm not in any way suggesting what YOU should do, I'm a blogger not a doctor but I do think I have common sense.  Anyway since I'm new to this oil adventure I thought I'd also share a bit about what I believe in regards to food and medicine...
 I believe food is our medicine. I believe natural is better than artificial. I believe our bodies can heal themselves. I believe what we put into ourselves is what we get {which is why I chose Pure Therapeutic Grade or organic oils}. I believe we can learn from each other.  I believe essential oils are the most concentrated way to apply nutrients from medicinal plants and herbs. 

I choose to use only Pure Therapeutic Grade oils for myself and my family. Here are some of my favorite topical uses...

Protective blends, which are something used to help support the immune system. I do NOT use essential oils on my babies before they are 6 months old and I always dilute them with coconut oils for my kids.  I use a spoonful of coconut oil in my hand and add one drop {just a reminder they are super concentrated, 1 drop of peppermint oil is equivalent to 27 cups of peppermint tea, I promise one drop is enough!} of the essential oil and rub it together until the coconut oil melts, I rub the mixture into my kids feet.  For myself, I do not use as much or any coconut oil but also rub it into my feet.  When using an oil it can enter the bloodstream within 30 seconds. I notice when my family is starting to feel off or when we've been exposed to someone who is sick, we can do this and take probiotics and we often find ourselves healthier quicker than lots of people around us. This is my favorite and best example of topical use.

Lavender + Frankincense + Peppermint is perfect for when I get headaches.  I rub a drop of each onto the back of my neck and the smell instantly soothes me.  Sometimes it gets rid of it completely, sometimes I still have to take migraine medication but it always helps!  Which often means I'm able to at least cut back on my medication.

"Whisper" is my friend Delmara's favorite blend "just for smelling great."  She taught me how to make these lava stone bracelets that act as natural diffuser keeping the oil on the bracelet for hours which is sort of an aromatherapy {a different post} but if I rub the oil in directly or even with coconut oil onto my skin directly it will keep me smelling good without conventional deodorant.

A calming blend is my personal favorite for good smelling scents.  I add a drop to my bracelet to make sure I smell good for the day.  It's a calming blend and whenever I breathe it, I feel a little happier than I did before.

a breathing blend is another great oil for topical use.  I use this one on my husband's chest at night, I read it can help with snoring, but he has bad allergies, so I rub it on his chest with some coconut oil and he breathes it during the night, his allergies aren't gone, but I think it helps him to breathe a little bit clearer and if nothing else he smells good.  Some people have also claimed it's helped with their asthma.

Hope that explains some of my favorite topical oils and their uses more thoroughly.  I'm also working on what it means for aromatic and internal uses for future posts.  What are your favorite oils and how do you use them?!

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