Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Rosepapa Wedding | Doug & Amanda | Mach 21, 2015

When my friend and fellow photographer Delmara of Joyous Moments Photography asked me to assist her in photographing a Phoenix wedding I could not have been more excited.  I love documenting special events and moments for family and friends, but I'm still in the process of making the leap  long walk  crawl from armature and semi self taught to professional photographer, so any opportunity I have to learn from someone who inspires me is an honor.  Anyway, here's a look at one of the most beautiful backyard weddings I've ever seen...
As soon as we entered the back yard there were personal touches and love. 
I loved this window as seating chart hanging in the backyard as well 
We arrived the bride was getting the finishing touches of her hair and make up. 
So, we stole her dress, to document it of course. 
I loved all the glam of her shoes and accessories.  Her dress also had intricate lace and beading. 
and this is by far the most gorgeous garter I've ever seen. 
The bride's family's home was the perfect backdrop for her entire wedding. 
Learning from the pro, macro lens and detailed ring shots are a must! 
I had a hard time not tearing up when her dad came in to see her all dressed. 
and you guys, her mom rescued a bunny from their puppy right before the ceremony! 
I love the variety and personality of each bridesmaids' shoes.
And it wouldn't be a wedding without a toast. 
The Maid of Honor delivered the Groom's gifts with strict instructions. No PEEKING!
and these personalized groomsmen's gifts were beautiful, each groomsman got his unique alcohol and personalized items in a customized cigar box. 
Once the gifts were exchanged we headed outside for a 'First Look' 
Can you guys even handle his face. all the feels. 
I loved watching these two for their first moments together on their wedding day.  
after taking some photos, the real event was about to start, the bride and her bridesmaids were ready!
Such a fun and welcoming family.
Her dad did a great job giving her away to her Husband.
The brides parents setting a sweet example.
It took all the energy I had to not cry during the ceremony.
and it's official!
Once the license was signed we headed back out for more photos.
Caption: the hunger is real! 
Look at Doug already providing for his new wife.  But seriously, after getting ready and taking photos all day these two were troopers, they grabbed a quick snack {and she didn't spill any on her dress!!} and then let us take another hour of photos! 
I love being able to experiment with lighting adjustments, I'm still learning my style but I have to say this matte effect {above} is growing on me.
oh! and Freelensing.  It's a new super challenging technique to master {I still haven't} but I'm in love the the dream like effect and since I was assisting, I was able to get a little more creative in my photos, instead of making sure to capture each detail as expected. 
another unedited freelensing moment. 
Delmara picked a perfectly lit spot to get some just-about-sunset images of Doug and Amanda before heading into the reception. 
I'm telling you! PERFECT BACKYARD for a wedding! 
a toast. 
Amanda did a great job smashing that cake. 
and the dancing went on all night!
well, almost all night, close to the end of the night I should say. 
And just before their grand exit I grabbed a quick snapshot of this HANDMADE bench the Bride's father built.  All the guests signed it and he was planning on adding a clear coat to seal in the love notes.  Isn't that amazing?! 
And they're off!  I hope they have/had great time on their honeymoon, I'm excited to see all the images when Delmara is done editing them, I'll probably go back and fine tune all of these {and so many more} as well, but I'm always so excited I just have to share them right away!


  1. These are gorgeous photos! You're so talented, I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I'm jealous of your photography skills. Long time no see, or interact via social media or whatever. I still think about you guys though and I hope that you're doing well!

    1. Lydia we'll be up in Portland/Seattle this summer!! Early July email me hello@jenniferlindschutsky.com so we can meet up! I bet your kids are so big, I know mine are like little humans, we need to get them together!