Thursday, April 2, 2015

Mermaids Live in the Dessert, didn't you know?

Mermaids might be my favorite mystical creature.

They're so similar to humans but get to experience all the underwater world and all the beauty is has to offer.  That's not to say that the Desert isn't beautiful.  It is.  It so it.  But there's something about a place so yet unexplored.  Something still magical and wonderful.   So, as I started thinking about them and what I wanted to paint I also started to imagine them in the desert or rather, the desert, underwater.  What if I merged these two things?  I started thinking about who I was as an artist and why I haven't painted, on a real canvas with a real purpose, in almost four years.  I realized I was waiting.  Waiting for what?  Waiting for time to dedicate to my craft again.  Waiting for my kids to 'leave me alone' so I could paint without being interrupted.  Waiting for something worth saying.  Waiting for a unicorn of a moment if you will.  It didn't exist.  It was never going to happen, that moment of freedom from who I am.  I am a mother.  I am an artist. I am a mermaid.  I live in the desert, but I am magical, and so are you, and so are my daughters.  Why would I ever want them to leave me alone? I waited my whole life to have them and now they're here and I'm waiting for them to leave me alone? That doesn't make any sense. none.  So, I took my magic and we went out back and we started painting.  We took our brushes and our spray bottles and our tubes of acrylic paint and we created.  we inspired each other.  we imagined a world where sea 'monsters' and octopi and mermaids danced in a desert underwater.  we worked side by side.  we got messy.  we cleaned everything up.  and we did it again the next day.  we're still working on.  It's a work in progress, just like us. just like our family {and no that doesn't mean I making more people}.  but now I know, there's no reason to wait.  The only time we have is now, mermaids aren't real.  we are.  We are the mermaids, they mystical beings living here in the desert.  why? because I said so. and in art, that's all that matters.
A rough outline and general placement of my figures and objects.
Finally, a great chance to use my noir from Paris. 
Still, obviously, very much a work in progress.
and here are some adorable videos of my little artist in action.

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