Monday, March 23, 2015

What is a Sacred Pregnancy Postpartum Sealing | Belly Bind? {And why I wish I had known about it}.

When I first arrived at Anna's Postpartum Sealing | Belly Bind, she was telling everyone in the circle her birth story,  I tried not to interrupt but due to a series of chaotic moments I was late.  So making the minimal disturbance I could, I opted to wait to take photos until she was done speaking.  I love hearing other mom's birth stories, I love asking questions, I love honoring their journey.  So when I was invited to Anna's sealing ceremony I was excited to see what it was all about, here's what the evening looked like...
The first thing I noticed was this salt bowl which was added to later...
Once Anna had shared her birth story each woman took turns reading a short blessing and binding her with warm rice to activate each part of her body and seal her journey as a mother.
After binding her, and of course unbinding her, Kandy rubbed her stomach down with warm oils and herbs to promote healing and soothing effects.  It smelled like Indian spices, almost like curry, very savory.
Then a warm compress was added to heat her stomach {she is about 6 weeks postpartum} and I remember getting an oil massage a week after having my baby it was the best feeling to have that warmth on my abdomen.
As Kandy did the oils and heating we giggled and talked, it was a very comfortable environment. 
Back to that salt bowl, each woman brought a flower or herb to add to the mix for all of us to use as a bath salt later.
Kandy offered lavender. 
Kelly offered this flower. 
Each woman told her the symbolism for their choice and why it was brought for Anna.
We all added herbs or flowers and essential oils.
Anna herself brought her peace flower as a thank you for everyone who celebrated with her.
Of course Babies are always welcome at sacred circles like these. 
and then for the actual belly binding...
Kandy sews each of these for Moms, she helps tie them so they can have support as their bodies heal and readjust, I wish I had known about this when I was early postpartum, everything feels achy and sore, and I imagine the support of the wrap helps to alleviate the tension in the body by actively supporting all the moving muscles.
She actually wrapped her up quite quickly, I thought it would be a little longer for each knot but she did it very fast and beautifully.
And then she trimmed off the end and tucked the fabric into the wrap itself.  We all stayed for a bit and talked after.  It was so sweet to talk to the other like minded women, some of us have never met, some of us have been friends since birthing with the same midwife, some of us will probably never see each other again, but for those 2 hours we honored a strong wonderful mother and I can not think of a better way to start {or restart} a journey into motherhood than with support of women in my community.

Happy Mothering Anna, and thank you for allowing me to document and share these images from your evening.

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