Thursday, August 27, 2015

WEST COAST ROAD TRIP {the drive home}

I know it might not sound like the most exciting part of our trip but I couldn't leave out the last chapter of our journey.  The drive home...
we headed back to Arizona midday and had a solid 6 hour drive ahead of us.  
of course I documented more clouds.
and more,
oh surprise. more clouds.
and finally Gallup, New Mexico, my birthplace.
by random chance, and the fact that I have always been a difficult daughter, landed my mother in a hospital in Gallup an hour drive from my first home.  There's not much to do or see there, but it did have hospital equipt to deal with difficult babies such as myself.  In the end, all was fine, after 24 hours my mother delivered me and we headed back home to Northern Arizona.
we kept on keeping on.
and then onto the boarder of Arizona.
Can you see those fake animals on the mountain top, I found it odd and slightly intriguing.
after being on the road for 3 weeks, we were finally back in our home state!
but we still weren't home yet...
tired toddlers,
messy cars, 
left overs,
and just barely enough gas.
there wasn't a clean spot left in the car on the last stretch of our drive.
almost home.
I should have got out and stood on the corner just for a photo and some music trivia humor.
instead this Little Hawk entertained me.
and this one napped.
one last selfie.
Husband drove all FOUR thousand miles himself {I'm not complaining, I drove around in all the cities, but if someone else wants to drive 13 hours in a day, I'll let him}
Finally, at 7:12 on Saturday, July 11 we made it home. to Phoenix!

Thanks for following along on our Epic West Coast Road Trip!  I've got some big plans for the next couple of years, I want to bring the girls all over the world, I think we might go to some new cities in Europe and then a Southern United States trip and eventually I want to bring them to South America. What are your must see places?!

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