Monday, October 26, 2015

Alex + Andy's Wedding | Denver, Co | October 17, 2015

I can't believe it was already over a week ago that I witnessed my best friend marry her other half.  I just wanted to share a few images from the day so you could appreciate all the fun and joy that went into her wonderful day...
It was a beautiful day, weather was cool but not cold, even the plants were happy.
We grabbed some lunch and enjoyed it on the patio of our bed and breakfast before getting ready.
When I looked up I noticed a bride-to-be was getting her makeup done.
So, I rushed up to grab a few photos, but met this little guy on the way.
She was in a great mood when I finally made it up to see her.
Her attention to detail did not go unobserved, simple yet elegant earrings that have been in her family for years.
And then! her hair stylist got to work!
She wore this beautiful hair piece, that another one of her closest friends wore on her wedding day.
and after snagging a few photos I left, to give her some peace and quite before her room was full of family and photographers.  And because I knew she wanted me to be a little bit surprised.  She wouldn't show me her dress or give me too many hints about the ceremony, which was sort of frustrating since I'm a behind the scenes kind of girl, but I'm really glad she did because I was surprised! 

During the ceremony she requested no photos, her photographer was amazing and I can't wait to see how she captured the whole day.

But onto the reception, where I took plenty of photos... her chic industrial venue, blanc, we sat on assorted eclectic chairs with vintage flatware and fresh linens.
The food was amazing, as you can see, Vera loved her vegetarian tart.
The girls couldn't wait to start dancing so they played as we finished our dinner.
Husband had a great time chatting with old friends and new acquaintances from Tucson {where I met the bride.  We were both in the Art Education program at U of A}
after dinner we got comfortable in the dancing hall.
maybe a little too comfortable.
Daddy Daughter Dance to kick off the fun
quick attempt at a family photo.
new friends.
and good times. 
I mean what wedding is complete without the bride karaoking?!
Literally, could not have had a better time celebrating these two.
Mother + Daughter

You know I love weddings, I can't resist a good party, especially when it's celebrating two people in love.  What's your favorite part about weddings?  I have to say the individually written vows are starting to be my new favorite! 

Congrats, again Alex and Andy!  We love you both so much and are so happy for you two.

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